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5 Best Micromax SmartPhones of the Year

Many of you may hesitate to believe but  Micromax is actually giving a tougher competition to many products which are arriving into market from some of the highly reputed and well known companies in world of technology like Nokia and samsung. In fact if we’ll look for the records we can find that this company has actually taken away a huge share in profits these companies use to earn from middle class peoples. And the real reason for this sudden growth in their profile is none other then their gesture to provide best technology while keeping a tight hold on price tag, which can be easily noticed looking at the various handsets this company has came with last year.

But story doesn’t end here rather its starts, as now with this new year round the corner this company has actually planned for much more. To be more specific this company has planned for product which can change our complete outlook towards technology and the price we have to pay to get same in our control. Don’t worry about sources to get more information as we have arranged for few smart phones detail this company ‘Micromax’ would be coming with.

1# Micromax A110 Super-phone Canvas 2

Micromax A110

Eight mega pixel camera with LED flash, five inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen which is working with a display resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, four GB internal memory with an external memory support of 32 GB, Dual SIM facility are only few features which can be found on list of possibilities this gadget is coming with and the best fact about this handset is that same can be purchased in a price range of rupees nine to ten thousand only.

2# Micromax A90S Superfone Pixel

Micromax A90S

With a  AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of 4.3 inches and display resolution of 800 x480 pixels this handset has made its position to second in our list. But frankly speaking all its features are capable enough to make it stay on first, in fact all the various handsets we’ll be talking about in this discussion of ours can be easily placed on first position in their respective circle. Eight mega pixel camera, 1600 mAh battery, 1 GHz dual-core processor with 512 MB RAM, android ICS 4.0 operating system, 32 GB external memory support are few features which may demand your attention towards this gadget and a price tag of eleven to twelve thousand only will allure to buy same as well.

3# Micromax A100 Superfone Canvas

Micromax A100

Slim and sleek handset which definitely have the capability to hold your eyes on same, in short this handset is no less in any terms. An internal memory of four GB which is then supported by an external memory of 32 GB, 1ghz processor, android ice cream sandwich operating system and more are reason you should definitely look for this handset. And once you go through all the various features same is coming with you’ll be automatically loaded with tones of reasons which can assure you with this purchase of yours.

4# Micromax A90 Superfone Pixel

Micromax A90

There is no doubt this handset enjoy being talk of the town, as with all those various features like eight mega pixel primary camera with auto flash, 0.3 mega pixel secondary camera, 4.3 inches high quality screen, 1ghz MediaTek processor, micro USB support and android ice scream sandwich operating system this handset is definitely here to make some serous changes in the manner we look at smart phones. But before you rush towards market let me clear you that, this one is a bit on heavier side when it comes to price, thence there are chances that you might like to search for above mentioned products as well.

5# Micromax A87 Superfone Ninja

Micromax A87

Why this handset has been place on fifth position is an question we can hardly answer as the price in which this gadget has bee provided to us is very much in our reach and looking at the list of features which are accompanying same (two mega pixel camera, four inch capacitive touch screen and more) we can surely give it a try.

All in all this year is holding much more in term of gadgets then what we expected to receive.

Author Bio:- Monty Alexander is a well known author and has written articles on micromax mobile and many other subjects.

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