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The Best Instant Messaging Apps For The iPhone 5

5 years ago being social meant going over to a friend’s house or meeting new people in bars, but nowadays it’s more playing games over Facebook or tweeting pictures of your cat to your friends. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it just means that people are more socially connected than ever.

A very common form of social interaction is instant messaging, especially on Smartphone’s. Long gone are the days when you had to boot the computer up after school and sign into MSN, oh no, you can just login on your iPhone 5 or similar smartphone. But with so many different instant messaging apps, how will you know which one to use? Clearly you want to use the one your friends are using, but here’s a list of 3 instant messaging apps for the iPhone 5 which will help you communicate better with your friends.

1# eBuddy Pro

ebuddy for iphone 5

Remember what I Said about using the same app as your friends? Well with eBuddy pro you don’t have to worry about that so much as it is can be used with a whole range of IM networks. With eBuddy Pro you can login in to Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace and more, your contacts are all conveniently packed into one buddy list which means you don’t need to log out to access another account. You’ll spend so much time on this app that you may end up needing a Bluetooth keyboard for your iPhone 5.

However, this app is not free. At just £2.99 this app is an absolute bargain; don’t forget that it’s free to send instant messages so think of the money you’ll be saving by not sending text messages!

2# Kik Messenger

kiki for iphone 5

Kik is rather different from eBuddy Pro as it doesn’t work with other IM services; instead it has its own messaging service where you can only message other KIK users. Kik is a great way to message your friends for free, send pictures and meet new people. It also has a great feature where it lets you know when someone has read your message, perfect for if you think someone’s ignoring you. This app is totally free which makes it one of the best messaging apps, there are millions of people using Kik so don’t worry if you think you might be the only one, you’re not alone!

3# Verbs

verbs for iphone 5

Last on our list is Verbs, a great instant messaging app. This app is dedicated to Google Talk, Aim and MobileMe, so it’s great if you use one of those three services. The app is extremely simple and easy to use with a nice looking user interface, all that’s missing is a Bluetooth keyboard!. You can also sending photos, files and even view certain file types inside the app. Verb is more for the business type user as it’s more of a sophisticated app. You can buy this app for just £0.69.

Author Bio:- Lewis Morgan uses a Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPhone 5 when he’s using instant messaging apps. It makes it much easier to type!

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  • Michael

    February 19, 2013, 7:00 pm

    I’ll go for eBuddy. However, there is a common bug for that application it crashes somehow.

    Probably, Simsimi was a good application since it chats you back with silly things. But developers didn’t make an interface for real persons to chat with. Hahaha


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