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Best iPhone Apps for Stock Trading

Making money while trading stocks can be a heady feeling. But what is an even more powerful aphrodisiac is making money trading stocks while you are on the go: specifically using your iPhone as a tool to trade stocks and raking in a great profit. For some people this has become a hobby of sorts now that stock trading has become such a cinch, what with the numerous stock trading apps now available on the iPhone. There are some especially good quality apps in the app market that give you a real rush when you use them and get something out of them. Best of all, some of the most popular and useful of these apps come completely free of cost.

Bloomberg is a nice example. This app is rich in useful features. Related to stock trading, it comes complete with news, information about who is leading in the market and who is lagging, stock quotes, descriptions of different important companies, charts of prices and different tools that can help a great deal when trading in stocks actually take place. For example you can see all the information depicted in the form of pie charts and graphs and take a look at the market trends and peruse the analysis that is presented to you as a result of these graphs and charts. You can personalize the information if you want as well.

iStockManager is an app that allows you to easily and quickly manage your TD Ameritrade account using your cell phone. You can take a look at real time streaming quotes using this app as well as get access to relevant charts and graphs. The best feature however is easily the one that makes it unbelievably simple to not only peruse your stock portfolio but to also buy and sell stock, all via your iPhone. You can make money sitting in your bathroom this way.

Virtual Stock Market Lite is an app designed to help people gain the confidence they need to operate in a real stock market. This app gives the user paper money to use as practice in trading stocks in a virtual market, effectively giving the user the right practice in order to trade stocks efficiently and successfully in the real market. The app is a fantastic amount of fun as well as being an educational toy for anyone wishing to learn about trading in stocks.

E*Trade Mobile Pro is an app with very useful features for the serious stock trader. It connects every user with his or her individual E*Trader account which means that they can do their trading anywhere at all, twenty four hours a day, five days a week. Users can see the latest quotes and charts, as well as checking their watch list. Keeping in touch with what is happening in the stock market in real time has been made very simple with this particular app.

Stock trading is a very simple activity and people can easily get unnerved by the vast amount of information available to them every day about what is going on in the stock market. iSwim is an app that is built to offer a fantastic yet simple education on how and when to trade in stocks, as well as give you access to some very useful stock trading tools. You can’t get any better than this.

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