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Best Gadgets of 2012

The Olympic year, the year of the catastrophe or call it whatever you like, 2012 has been a great year for technology and gaming. With back to back releases of various advanced technological gadgets, people this year were surely delighted by the major companies. Though it’s a bit too early, let’s check out the best gadgets of 2012 so far!

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Two words for this machine –“Absolute Stunner”! Despite its hefty price tag, the machine stands apart from the rest of the laptops and ultrabooks mainly due to its features and specifications. This mean machine combines the functionalities of a MacBook Air, the power of a MacBook Pro and the remarkable display of an iPad. With its retina display, Apple was able to successfully infuse the display characteristics of the iPhone – iPad series into the laptop’s large display. Powered by one of the best specifications available and impressive visuals, MacBook Pro with retina Display undoubtedly deserves to be one of the best gadgets of 2012, so far!

10 inch – Apple iPad 2012:

Apple seems to dominate this year’s listings with its series of amazing products. In the 10 inch tablet category, it is the iPad again to bag the position. With its clearer than crystal visuals, a quad-core chipset and an amazing 5MP rear camera, the iPad surely surpasses most of the other tablets in the market. However, it is slightly bulkier than the others and lacks the presence of additional USB ports. But, taking into account that its pros are more dominant than its cons – iPad emerges the winner!

7 inch – Google Nexus 7:

The first and the flagship product from the world’s largest search engine company rolled out with a bang. The tablet, measuring just seven inches delivers a performance, which even the larger tablets struggle to provide. Its quad core Tegra three chipset offers faster and highly responsive performance to its users. Plus, there’s the Jelly Bean 4.1, which requires no description. With its project butter feature, the OS managed to make navigation and usage smoother than ever. What an entry Google!

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Sony’s take on the handheld gaming franchise proved successful. PS VITA managed to maintain the dignity that its earlier version created. With some of its added new features like the enhanced display, conveniently placed controllers, augmented reality support and a rear camera, VITA just succeeds in style!  Though, it had certain issues with the battery life, VITA just managed to neutralize it with its user interface, options in gaming library and the overall quality of the device. This handheld console is certainly one of the best gadgets of 2012.

Nikon D4:

From the outlook, the device looks mean and ready for action, and trust me – it truly is! It beefed up its resolution from 12.1 to 16.2 MP and rolled out to slash anything that comes its way. Despite maintaining its frame level, this camera manages to take equally stunning images even at night. With its ability to shoot uncompressed 1080p videos at 10 frames per second speed, this camera is indeed an every photographer’s dream.

Samsung Galaxy S3:

Perhaps, this is one gadget that was able to surpass Apple in a category that it is known for. The phone has all the functionalities that are equivalent to the iPhone 4S, but what is it that makes this phone surpass the ‘I’? It’s the screen size and faster mobile broadband connectivity. The phone’s screen looks absolutely amazing similar to the iPhone and it also has the Android factor coming for its support. With only a few micro-points, Samsung Galaxy S3 emerges as the best smartphone of the year so far.

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  • Amandeep Singh

    September 2, 2012, 8:54 pm

    This list would need an update for the top contender on this list – once Apple comes out with the next gen iPhone 😉


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