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Best Facebook Ad Optimization Tips

More and more brands are committed to investing in advertising on Facebook . The main reason behind this is: today,Facebook is the platform that offers the best choice of target audience segmentation.

Tips to optimize the campaign

1# Facebook Ads have nothing to do with Adwords Ads

In Google, users search while Facebook users stay active in the network by communicating or reading updates from friends without expressing any desire or interest in any product or brand. It is very important to keep in mind when designing your campaign and interpreting data from your campaigns. The creativity of the ad and segmentation options are the key points.

2# Attention to the landing pages

The landing pages are becoming increasingly important. For facebook traffic do not just create landing pages that tailored for your specific targeting options instead also share much information about the product.

3# Use applications

It depends on the sector that we try to advertise. we can create applications that are useful to our target audience and use these applications in our ads.

4# Be very careful when making targets

When selecting our target audience, you must take following into account: If you chose “camping” then our message will not reach users who have interest in “camping in the mountains” or “camping stores”. To avoid this, be sure to write the general interest

5# Like & Interests begin with a general interest

If we are not sure what interest choice is, it is best to start with a general interest. After a few weeks,  make a report of interest and see if users who have clicked on our ads share specific interests and add those to our campaign.

6# Create targeted ads

If our target audience ranges from 30 to 50 years, then you can create campaigns by age group to find out what is most suited to audience and take actions that give a higher bid by creating more specific creativities. We can also do the same for campaigns of men / women, location, etc. ..

7# Consider the effect of fatigue

The Facebook ads generate more fatigue in users and do not correspond to an active search. Keep this in mind and change your creativities frequently (every two or three weeks)

8# Have a Collection of at least 5 ads in each campaign

This allows us to identify which images work best or what action calls to generate more clicks. Then we can make variations in these ads including text or image that works bestfor us.

9# Play with the connections

Facebook allows us to show ads to those users and friends who are fans of our page. If our goal is to get more fans, it is recommended to launch a campaign.

Author Bio:- Guest post is composed by Greg Salter. He is an active member of various technology blogs and Forums that are specifically related to Facebook tricks and Security. He has also written articles related to Facebook smiley codes and generating twitter traffic.

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