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Best Drones You Can Afford (under $200)

If the budget you wish to spend on a drone isn’t that high, then the best kind of drone you can get is the beginner level drone. You should not keep your expectations too high. These drones are at an affordable price of $200 and below. You need to understand that you might not get the premium performance from such drones. There is a small list of key features you should expect from the best drones under $200 and below.

Average camera quality

Most beginner-level drones do not have the full HD cameras. Even if they did have HD cameras it wouldn’t have proper stabilization, which is supposed to enable the drone to take beautiful aerial shots like you’ve seen from a DJI drone. There is still the best among average, so later in this article, I will recommend for you the best HD camera drone under the price tag of $200.

Average flight time

The premium models have the flight time of between 25 and 30 minutes, this implies that drones under the price tag of $200 are nowhere near the premiums. The flight time of the drones depends on the battery life duration, the cheap drones have an average battery life duration that goes between the ranges of 7 and 12 minutes. Users of beginner level drones should purchase extra batteries, so the drones can be used for a longer period of time like maybe 1-2 hours.

Average control range

Long control range is one of the quality features a great drone possesses. Premium drones have the ability to fly farther distances away from its user, due to the presence of the long control range feature. The cheap drones don’t have a really long control range like the premium drones. They have a control distance of 100 to 300 meters, which is actually a plus because it can’t be stolen or lost thanks to its close control range. Another advantageous feature of the average control range drone possesses is the return home feature.

Average performance

Drones under the price of $200 can showcase some amazing performances, such as providing very stable and steady hover coupled with great responsive controls and with just enough power to fight strong winds while in the air.

Average features

There some awesome features you can enjoy in a drone of $200 and below. Some average ones and some great ones. For the common features, we have the:

Headless mode: this mode when activated enables the drone to take commands in relation to the user’s orientation and not act on its own.

Auto-Return: when this command is activated the drone will return from the point where it stopped to the user.

Auto takeoff and landing, Low Battery Alarm, Altitude Hold, LED lights and 360 degrees Aerial stunt.

For the great features, we have the follow me mode, orbit mode, selfie mode and waypoints auto-flights.  There are still other features not mentioned here.

Here are two recommended drones the price tag of $200 and below with descriptions:

Drones under 200 

15DBPOWER Predator U842

This is one of the best-selling drones in online stores like Amazon. This drone device is quite stable and easy to use, it is among the most demanded drone in the current market. However, it is a good product at a friendly price.


This drone is mostly preferable due to its easy to use nature. It possesses a 6 axis gyro-system, the predator U842 is a steady flyer. The device can withstand moderate wind conditions. Definitely a good drone for a beginner. It is meant to be flown outdoors. An app can be used to remote control the device.


It is a standard VGA quality with 720p resolution, as said before do not keep your expectation high because the image quality is average. But it’s still good enough for some nice footage and photos. And it possesses live video feed. You can connect your phone to the drone via Wi-Fi to be able to watch real-time video displayed on your screen. The remote controller of 2.4 GHz comes with a phone holder where you can place it.


The features are average. It has only a few such as the headless mode, low battery alarm, out of range alarm, 3D VR compatibility, and First Person Viewer feature.


This is also average, right for beginners or users who want the devices cheap. Flight time is between 7 to 9 minutes per battery charge, it comes with extra batteries to extend the range of use time. The maximum control range is 80 to 100 meters.

Predator U842

Stotoy Bugs 6         

This is a brilliant drone, which possesses the best hardware one can afford for under $200. It has brushless motors. The control range of 300meters is a great feature about this drone.it is quick and highly maneuverable. This drone will be most likely used for racing.


This drone is not for beginners, because it requires an intermediate level of skill to be able to control this drone without problems. The reason for the required skill is due to the quickness and high maneuverability of the drone.


The camera on this drones is not really focused on by the manufacturers. However, it can still be improved with a C5830 FPV camera and a 500mw Receiver Screen with 5.8 GHz antenna. The upgrade allows great quality footage and lives video transmission.


It doesn’t have many features.

  • Brushless motors
  • Weak Signal Alarm
  • Low Voltage Alert
  • VR Google compatibility
  • 3D flip

The manufacturers have focused their budget for the drone on performance, Upgradeability, powerful hardware and specifications.


The drone has a longer flight time and a farther control range of 300meters to enhance the drone’s experience. The Bugs 6 is powered by a 7.4v 1300mAh LiPo battery, which is the reason why it has a longer flight time (12 minutes). If these were given to a beginner to control, a crash is guaranteed.

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