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Best Computer Games That Can Be Downloaded for Free

We use the computers not only for typing in documents, for research, or for doing homework. It is also used for entertainment such as watching movies, listening to music, and playing games. Of course, everybody loves playing computer games, whether child or an adult. There are free computer games that are already installed in your computer. However, these games are not enough to satisfy you for long and sometimes they might become boring for you. Good thing there are free games that can be downloaded for your computer. But what are the best free computer games to download?

Jewel Quest is definitely a must-download game. It has plenty of different versions and all of these different versions are for free. This is one game that is great for spending your time if you’re not doing anything else. It is also addicting since it is a never-ending game.

Luxor is another must-download game for your computer and it is also for free. In this game, you are to shoot the balls before they reach the bottom. Though you may think that it’s just about thinking and shooting quick, but it’s not that easy as you may think. It’s actually very challenging.

You may already have heard the game Mah-Jong Quest. All you have to do here is to match the items, but you have to have a good technique in matching them to win the game.

If you are interested in games like solving puzzles then the game Lost Treasure of Alexandria is the right one for you. In this game, you are to look for puzzle pieces to be accelerated to the next level. You have to collect points, and once you have enough points you will then be brought to the next level.

Hidden Magic is another free game that you must download. As the name applies, you are to find hidden objects. You will even be asked to put up puzzle pieces together just to be able to proceed to the next level. It is definitely a challenging game because the higher the level, the harder it gets. New level also means new challenges for you. So if you are to play this game, make sure that you have long hours to spend just for this game.

These computer games mentioned are for free to download. These are just some of the best computer games that are found yet. There are still a lot more other free games, depending on your own taste of games.

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