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Best Branding For Your Business

Your business brand is everything these days, so if you hope to be seeing any kind of success with your business and brand, you had better come up with something special.

The best brands are those that have managed to establish an emotional and psychological bond with their customers, and as a result they enjoy the luxury of having massive amounts of regular customers who will never shop anywhere else. It’s not easy finding the perfect brand to create that winning appeal, though the following will help you get on your way.

Simple Logo

One of the best ways to help brand your business is with an awesome logo, and the most effective logos are ones that are simple, as these are the easiest for people to remember and recognize. If it is too fancy, your logo may confuse or otherwise turn off some people, so think of who you are targeting when designing your logo, and try and come up with something that is simple yet still interesting.

Get a Tag Line

These days part of any good brand is having a good tag line, because this essentially allows you to get the most out of people’s fleeting interactions with you. Your tag line should be short but at the same time say something definite, such as Nike’s ‘just do it’ and Sony’s ‘dream’, and once again, the less fancy and obscure the better.

To succeed your business is going to need more than a cult following, so use a good tag line to help strengthen your brand, and you may find with just a few words you can relate to a lot of people.


There is an obvious benefit to establishing yourself as ‘the fresh food people’, ‘the real thing’ or ‘the choice of a new generation’, and the more you are able to establish a distinctive brand identity like these, the less you will have to worry about trying to sell individual products.

Books with an Oprah Book Club sticker on them will always sell more copies, for more money, regardless of the book. If you can find a way to associate your brand, logo and symbols with integrity, quality, wisdom or excellence, your only challenge will be finding things to do with your massive cash flow.

Use Colour

Colour can be extremely effective in helping to promote a brand, because if you can manage to establish your brand with a certain colour, people will think of your business whenever they see that particular colour. It takes a lot of intensive marketing to be able to do this, though brands like Coca-cola and McDonalds’ really hooked us with their catchy colour combinations, among other things.

A well developed brand will appeal to people without them even knowing why, though the secret behind successful brands is their use of all the right cues at all the right times. Brands like Camel cigarettes and Harley Davidson motorcycles, who were able to define ‘cool’ and ‘rebellion’, still have customers lining up out their doors because they associate the brands with the way that they feel.

If your business hasn’t yet found a foothold in your customers’ minds, consider getting some help with your branding and strategy development, because even some short term help from a business coach may help you to see what has been holding you back.

Author Bio: Tom Mallet is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including strategy development and business coach.

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