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Best Apps for People Who Actually Do Stuff

It seems that a lot of the buzz about mobile apps is created and directed toward people with a lot of time on their hands. You have a multitude of games, way too many social networks, and some apps that aren’t quite games but lack an otherwise useful purpose.

However, for those who feel they lack the time to “play around” with apps, you should know modern technology can actually make your busy life much easier to manage. If you actually have better things to do than play Angry Birds all day, try out the apps listed below:

1. Evernote

While this app is far from anything new, it is one of the strongest, most robust, longest running productivity apps for good reason. Evernote simply allows you to remember everything. As long as you take the time to input your notes (I find snapping a photo of my notes to be the quickest, most convenient way), it will always have everything you will need in your pocket. The sky is really the limit with this app, and I find that the burden is on the user to keep it updated and organized. When used well, this app is an absolute gem for someone of any profession. Best of all, it syncs with just about any phone and computer with internet access. The only negative I can think of is that you can’t set due dates or reminders for your notes though you can hack this functionality into your notes through clever organization (“due this month” and “due this week” notebooks, etc.).

2. Verbs IM

If you have a busy job that requires you to be available to clients, employees, or constituents constantly, having a clean, easy-to-use, all-in-one instant messaging app is a must. Verbs IM is one of the best apps I’ve seen for the iPhone. It simply works and gets out of your way. For a similar IM experience on Android, I would give imo a try.

4. Talkatone

This is one of those great “emergency apps” for when you need to call someone, but you aren’t getting any service. The beauty of Talkatone is that you can have voice conversations over Wi-Fi through Google Voice. So if your network is ever unreliable, find a coffee shop or internet café and talk away. For Android users, look no further than the Google Voice app.

5. HipMunk

For the heavy traveller, Hipmunk Flight and Hotel Search is the best travel tool I’ve seen for a mobile device. While I usually am able to plan my trips from a computer, I know many business travelers who fly so frequently they often have to book a flight and hotel on the spot on their way to the airport. If you are one of those people, this app is a must. An added bonus, it also has an app for Android as well.

6. Mint

I’ll admit that most executives, CEOs, and the link are not the best with the written word. Most professionals at the top of whichever industry or corporate ladder prefer speaking much more than inputting text. In the old days, this required secretaries with extremely good note-taking abilities to jot everything down on the fly. Now, you can just use one of the many Dragon products available for smartphones. For iPhones, nothing beats the simple and effective Dragon Dictation. While not available for Android, FlexT9, which is developed by the same company, offers practically the same usability.

Author Bio:This guest contribution was submitted by Samantha Gray, who specializes in writing about online bachelor degree. Questions and comments can be sent to:  [email protected]

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