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Best Apps for Data Monitor

Data is the area where many people get caught – it’s easy to forget that those games and youtube clips can add up. Here are few apps that can help you monitor your usage.


Price: Free Developer: Onavo Platform: iOS and Android

A “magical shrinking machine” sounds more like something you’d find in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but it’s the name the Onavo team has given to its cloud-based compression service. Using Onavo, any HTTP traffic that’s downloaded to your phone over 3G goes through the magical shrinking machine first, potentially saving you up to 80% on your data usage. One of the coolest features of Onavo is that it tells you exactly how much money you’ve saved since you started using the app, and you can break this down into the savings you’ve made per app as well. The only downside is that data latency speeds take a dive once you start using Onavo – we went from 90ms to 968ms using speedtest.net.

Dataman Pro

Price: $1.99 Developer: XVision Platform: iOS (iPhone)

DataMan Pro is a simple app that lets you track both 3G and Wi-Fi usage on your iPhone. You plug-in the start and end dates of your billing cycle, set daily, weekly and monthly data limits, and get “real­time alerts” whenever you go over those limits. But DataMan Pro is a little too simple to be effective. Its major shortcoming it that there’s no way to get it to count 3G usage on its own for the usage alerts – it lumps 3G and Wi-Fi usage together. The “real-time alerts” aren’t in real-time either – it checks your data activity every 10 minutes. This means you can go way over your data limit if you’re downloading a large file – we went from using 10% of our daily data to suddenly getting a “you’ve used 124% of your daily allowance” alert within the space of 10 minutes.


Price: $1.49 Developer: CMengler Platform: Android

If you’re having a hard time juggling your usage on multiple different accounts, myUsage can help you make sense of all the chaos. It’s designed specifically for Aussie users, and supports almost every different account type we can think of (save for bank accounts), including mobile phone, broadband, toll travel, parcel tracking and rewards cards. Like the Consume app for iOS, it doesn’t calculate your usage so much as interface directly with each service provider’s online account portals and display the data that’s stored there. One of the advantages of myUsage over other data monitoring apps is that you can set it up with more than one mobile phone account. It also comes with handy widgets that display your account balances and usages on your homescreen.

SPB Wireless Monitor

Price: $12 Developer: SPB Software Platform: Symbian

It’s ludicrously expensive compared to the data monitoring apps for other platforms, but if you’ve got the cash to spend up-front, SPB Wireless Monitor is a powerful and well-rounded app that’ll pay itself off quickly with money you’ll save on excess usage charges. It monitors both 3G and Wi-Fi, although the warning alarms for excess usage are, rather sensibly, limited to 3G only, with the option of setting up daily and monthly limits. SPB claims to support over 330 data plans from around the world, but we had to create our own for our Telstra account. Not that this is much of a drawback – the best thing about SPB Wireless Monitor is that you can tailor your data plan to a tee, as it supports off-peak pricing models, and charging by blocks, sessions or time.

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