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5 Best Alternatives Browsers for iPhone

The iPhone iOS has always come with its recommended and home grown browser- the Safari. With the iOS 6, the Safari has tremendously improved. But what if you want to go for other choices that promise to offer a better browsing experience? Here is a pick of some of the popular browsers available on the iPhone 5.

1# Google Chrome

Google Chrome for iPhone

Chrome made a lot of news when Google announced that they will be releasing the browser app for the iOS. Everyone had marked this as a showdown. However, thanks to Apple’s stringent rules about how a browser should be designed has limited the prowess of the Google Chrome that we know. Now one of the major differences between the Safari and the Chrome is the ability of the browser to render the Java script on a web page. Java is one of the most commonly used scripts in the world. However, the iOS does not allow Google to operate on its own Java engine and hence has to settle on the slower Apple Java engine. This brings us to conclude that the Chrome on the iOS is more or less a Google version of the Safari. Some of the advantages of the Chrome are the availability of the Most Visited pages in the beginning. The Chrome allows the usage of the Incognito window for private browsing. Signing in can get your history and preferences saved which really adds on to the convenience factor.

Overall, it does bring in the convenience of Chrome but there are some serious misgivings in terms of the browsing speed and other features like the lack of a refresh button.


2# Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser for iPhone

The New Dolphin Browser Version 7.0 has come as a great alternative to the Safari. This browser also provides tabbed browsing and lets you share your content very easily. It responds ot the custom gestures that you use on the iPhone 5. Despite using the same web kit, it has many features that differentiate it from the Safari. Its full screen feature is impressive with the absence of the browser bar and other parts. However, a major disadvantage on the browsers part is the inability to transfer the Safari bookmarks.

There are some other impressive features too like the speed dial option which allows you to visit your favorite sites in one touch. The Sonar listens to your voice for search queries. Another great feature is the ease in sharing your web experience on your social networks. You can share the pages links to your networks on Facebook and Twitter with one touch. The browser also has provisions for seamlessly sharing between your desktop and mobile.


3# Atomic Mobile Browser

Atomic Mobile Browser

The Atomic mobile browser is a great alternative to Safari. The latest version 7.0 offers a refreshing experience as compared to the previous ones. This is like your typical browser that offers tabbed and full screen browsing. There are a variety of options and settings available that help you to make a personalized approach to browsing. For example, the Atomic browser allows you to shift the quick scroll bar to the left hand side of the screen for left handed users. It also has several improved gestures that allow for easy reading of web pages.

The browser has some disadvantages like some of the interface peculiarities, the problems with the downloading of files.


4# Opera Mobile Browser

Opera Browser for iPhone

The Opera Mobile Browser is one of the common heard names in the browser. Till late, it had issues with certain bugs and incompatibility with the iOS 6. But, with the latest release it seeks to address these issues. Some of these issues were the lack of Facebook integration, issue while playing YouTube videos. The other features include the usual like tabbed browsing, speed dial to open your favorite sites in one touch and faster browsing.


5# Photon Mobile Browser

Photon Mobile Browser

This browser is a great choice for anyone looking for flash support. So, how does this browser manage to do what several others have a problem with? The Photon simply streams from a remote desktop session from a computer that can run Flash on to your iPhone. The Full screen and private browsing are also attractive features of this browser. One of the attractions of the Photon browser is that you can connect to Hulu which is usually blocked for other mobile sites. The Flash support also allows a better gaming experience.



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