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Benefits of Using a SaaS (Software as a Service) Solution Vs Locally Hosted Software

Most businesses use computers and have probably experienced some of the problems that cause disruption to the daily routine. When computer software is working without issue, they benefit the business by recording events, producing reports and retaining information. When the system fails, then the problems can be devastating; some businesses do not recover.

software as a service

There are many different network setups to suit different business needs. Decisions regarding these needs are not always taken by people who know about computers, but are based on common sense; with little real knowledge of what is available. This changes over the course of time and the person nominated to deal with computer issues, will gain some information along the way, but will review in retrospect, that some of the initial decisions fell short of the business needs.

The cost involved in managing your own software and dealing with failure and recovery can be a burden; leading to stress and frustration and loss of company data which can be shattering. Managing one computer at home does not qualify you to manage a whole network; it is a thankless task. There is an easy option that may have been overlooked initially and it takes all the stress out of managing a network; and it saves you money.

Software as a service (SaaS) is a solid system that allows you to continue with your day to day running of the business, while SaaS take care of the software. The software is not actually loaded on your computer systems locally, but is run from a remote server. This benefits you in several ways; you don’t have to pay additional license fees to have the software on every computer, but every computer has access to the remote software.

If you access your software remotely, it is backed up remotely, leaving no concern for loss of data; your computer appears the same, showing access to the software, as if it is loaded locally. The remote system has another benefit in that you will never have to do another software update; which is time consuming and not always straight forward. Updating each computer is a lengthy task often taking most of the day where there are many computers. There may be more than one software program to update and the computer operator will be unable to work until the machine update is completed.

In some cases, the business will take out a contract and rely on a technician, who will come to the premises to carry out maintenance and deal with any problems on the network; this is not only costly but often the business has to wait for the arrival of the technician. Out-sourcing the software management is a step forward in dealing with computer issues within the workplace.

Imagine the scenario; the network goes down because one of the staff innocently downloaded an infected file from the internet. How long would it take to get the system running again? This is not going to happen if you have SaaS in place. Security is tight on the system and your data integrity is maintained. With IT professionals managing every aspect, time, excessive cost and frustration are avoided.

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