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Benefits Of Social Media Optimization

Social media aims to bring families closer to their loved ones also take social relations to the next level using the internet. With more and more people using the internet nowadays, it is such a convenience that anyone can share their thoughts in just a click of a mouse or talk to people anywhere in the world by just clicking a button. That is why, if you aim in making your website popular, use social media optimization.

Why social media optimization?

Below are some statistics that might get you interested in social media optimization. Facebook, a popular social media website, have an average of 500 million users across the globe. Half of the Facebook users log into the website every day. Out of the active users, 48 percent checks their Facebook in the morning and at night before going to bed. These are where people converge and communicate which means, a greater potential that your website will get noticed as opposed to spending a lot of money on Pay-Per-Click(PPC) ads.

Get Links To Your Website

No everyone shares the same ideals as anyone else. Your site may not be in tune with the current trends but, this does not mean it won’t get popular. Just let some people share a link to your article or website in these social networking sites and expect a flux of visitors in about a week or so.

Inbound links

Before social networking was for site optimization, when you need inbound links, you either ask permission to blog or site owner – which is rare that someone will heed to your request or buy a link placement into their website – a terribly expensive way to get inbound links. Today, just add a share button to your blog or site, and if people likes what they see, they spread the word in the popular networking sites.

Cheaper website optimization

Imagine sharing your fresh content in Facebook or Twitter for at least once a day and getting at least a hundred visitors per day without spending anything from PPC sites or spreading a dime for ad placements.

But, it still needs quality content. The advantage of social media optimization is also a disadvantage to your website if you intend only to optimize your site and not generate informative, and useful content. It is crucial to note that social media optimization also requires quality, and informative content so, your website won’t be shared by force, but because they like what they see.


Social media optimization if used properly can provide a greater advantage in saving costs in Search Engine Optimization, Site exposure, and trying to generate unique links and traffic. Therefore, you must know that with this advantage comes with an underlying disadvantage which can be prevented only if you follow the rule of the internet: unique and informative content. Do not rush things and do black hat social media optimization techniques; faster isn’t always the answer to anything. Keep in mind how visitors will be enticed to share your content, and social media optimization will immensely benefit from it.

Author Bio:- This article was written by Tom George, who is working as a .NET consultant. Tom helps people to choose the best site builder and best hosting service.

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  • Mohsin Ali Waheed

    March 14, 2012, 7:47 pm

    After Google Panda Update many bloggers see Hugh drop in traffic and that’s why social media is very important now.

  • Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

    March 13, 2012, 11:06 am

    Social media optimization is a great and easy way to gain more site exposure for your site. However, trying to get real customers from social media can be a tough challenge, especially if you do not know much about optimizing it. People active in social media sites typically have different preferences and ideals in life, but you will still surely get to catch a good number of visitors from these sites.


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