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Benefits of Hosted PBX For Small Business and Home Office

Switching to, or simply transferring to hosted PBX Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is certainly an option that many organizations and businesses will find to be quite promising, especially companies that wish to transfer to cutting-edge virtual telephone system. By switching to this technology, users will avoid the hassles of buying any equipment. So what exactly is it and what are the benefits it offers to businesses?

The definition of hosted PBX providers actually varies from one provider to the other. Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) simply means a PBX system that is hosted. Typically, the PBX – which is the business telephone hardware – is situated on the user’s premises. The main difference in hosted VoIP PBX is that the hardware is positioned elsewhere and not on the premises of the users. Customers are required to connect to the host via IP.

Why the Hosted PBX for Office Telephones Is A Good Resource

Cost of Maintenance is Low

As the PBX and call platform is hosted outside the premises of the users, the cost of maintaining PBX is left to the host provider. Users only pay charges to the host; this cost is included in the service plan. This simply means that the cost of maintenance is greatly reduced as every user of the hosted private branch exchange is expected to pay maintenance charges for using the same resource.

If you are a small or medium-sized business owner, you do not have to shell out money in order to purchase and maintain the hardware and equipment of in-house PBX for your VoIP business telephone systems. Let someone else worry about the maintenance of the equipment, hardware and system upgrade.

Scalable Technology

A well-known advantage of it is that it is easy to adapt to a variety of business functions. This means that it is possible to make it scalable for a new business venture or for the expansion of your business while you configure your personal Voice over Internet Protocol platform. You can easily secure this important aspect for your business needs with the help of a reliable PBX host.

Choosing to work with a dependable and reputable host is vital because this can help reduce the risks traditionally linked with PBX. Reliable providers offer an ideal solution for your business’ phone system at an affordable cost and at the highest quality. A reputable and reliable host will guarantee 99.9% up time – so you can count on making and receiving calls at any time of the day. In the past, this revolutionary technology was only accessible to large organisations.  A good quality virtual phone system plan is not supposed to cost you a fortune. As a matter of fact, it is should be an economical option for your business.

Advantages of Hosted PBX for Home Offices

Having a professional telephone system is a strategic move for entrepreneurs. Sometimes, when you offer a professional service, you may find it difficult to appear professional.  This is because your clients find it difficult to reach you when you are not in the office. Part of your business may require to have to move from your home office to a customer’s office, and you may not be available to take the calls of other customers who need your services while you are on the go. This can actually make you and your employees seem less available.


The service for small businesses can offer the following benefits:

  • As a small business owner, you can retain a single telephone number as you go from one customer to another. This will make it easier for your clients to reach you on your number wherever you are.
  • You can route calls from your home office to your private line or cell phone without ever needing to compromise your privacy.
  • You can now take a well deserved vacation without worrying about losing touch with your clients. You also do not have to worry about paying the steep rates for making long distance phone calls.

As a dependable service rides on top of your internet’s existing lines, you can take advantage of the many benefits offered by VoIP almost instantly.  Your home office is a part of your home where you eat, sleep and where members of your family reside, and you do not want to have bulky equipment, defacing your space. With hosted VoIP PBX, You do not have to worry about installing new software or hardware, drilling holes or rewiring your home office.

A good quality PBX system provides more than a business telephone system. This system will actually help business owners to greatly improve how their business operates.  The system is designed to help small business owners to reduce their costs, to improve productivity, and to provide a much better customer service, as well also protect their business from possible disaster.

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