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A Beginners Guide to Choosing the Right Torch for Your Needs

If you do not have a torch in your home, you need to think about investing in a sturdy one right away. These handy devices are invaluable in a huge range of different situations. Whether you’re feeling your way along a dark basement, trying to find the fuse box, or reveling in nature on a camping trip with friends, a good torch means security.

There are so many situations that might require a torch that it’s just not practical to go without one. This is especially true when you consider how affordable even the highest quality tools have become. You can now pick up a multifunctional, ergonomic torch for a fraction of the cost that you might have twenty years ago.

If you’re not sure where to start looking, however, or what to look for, read this guide to picking the right torch for your needs.

LED Torches

Trust the Established Brands

On the whole, well-known torch brands are usually quite good ones. LED Lenser, for example, make devices with an advanced focus system. It allows the light beam to be adjusted, using a reflector lens. With this technology, a user can easily switch between a wide beam or try a more focused one. LED Lenser is a highly respected brand, because the company is committed to researching and creating cutting edge technology.

Light Strength/Output

The strength of a torch is measured in lumens. The number of lumens signifies the intensity of the light that it can emit when on the highest possible setting. Generally speaking, the higher the lumen count, the better the product. If you’re going to invest in a torch, you want it to do its job as well as possible. However, beam intensity, distance, and model all have an impact on how efficiently the light is used. Ultimately, it is up to you how bright you want things to be. Flashlight reviews can help in this department.

Beam Distance

The beam distance is measured in meters. It signifies how far the light can shine before its illumination is reduced to the same amount of light offered by a full moon. While this might sound complicated, it really just indicates how far you’ll be able to see in front of you. Some torches with a high amount of lumens have a low beam distance, so don’t get tricked into thinking they mean the same thing.

Impact Resistance

A lot of people assume that the impact resistance score indicates how useful a torch is for self-defence. This is not strictly true. It signifies the distance (in metres) from which the device can be dropped and still worked. So, it is primarily a test of how likely the torch is to keep functioning after you have dropped it on the ground. There are many torches that are designed specifically for self-defence, so if this is a requirement, pick a fortified product.

Shape and Materials

The majority of torches are made with either plastic or aluminum alloy. There are some that contain stainless steel, but these are usually heavy duty products designed for self-defense as well as illumination. Once again, personal preference will decide what you want your torch to look like. It could be long and thin or narrower and with a greater width. It is a good idea to invest in a torch with an ergonomic grip, so that the chance of dropping it is significantly lower.

Modes and Functions

If you are planning to use your torch for infrequent jobs around the house or as an emergency measure in a power cut, you should be fine to stick with a single setting mode. Most homeowners don’t ever use more than the standard setting on fancy torches anyway. But, it is your choice, so if you want a multimode device, pick one that suits your needs. For example, if you ever have to walk your dog in the dark, choose an extra strong beam mode for as much security and illumination as possible.

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