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Basic Tips for Email Marketing

Sending a postal letter will cost you about 10 cents while sending an email across to your database would cost you less than that. A few thousands emails can be sent in a few dollars, isn’t that awesome? Every marketer should use this tool effectively.

There should be a proper plan in place by every online marketer which will help him in smooth functioning and also in achieving better results.

Emails are a great way to reach out to your customers or even prospect customers. Even bloggers use this tool to keep their readers updated about the latest posts on their blog. Brands can use this tool more effectively by announcing the launch of their products, improvement in products, discounts offers and more.

Email Marketing

Here are a few basic tips which one needs to keep in mind for email marketing

Build a perfect list – The first step in email marketing is to procure the email ids or build the list from your database. These should be relevant i.e. the reader should be actually in need for such information. Many bloggers give away e-books or something else when someone subscribe to their list, this is a great way to encourage people to sign-up for your email list.

Keep it simple – It is always advisable to keep your email template simple as it will look neat and presentable.

‘Eye’ Catchy subject line – Your subject line should contain what your readers are looking out for. Keep your subject line simple and easy to understand. For example you are letting people know about the discount you are offering you can write “Hurry 50% off” in your subject line.

Content – Content of your email plays a major role in your email marketing success. Content is what readers are looking out for, if you offer them the exact information they are seeking then you have nailed it! For this it is advisable to build a different list’s for various niches. For example you can create a separate email list of “Facebook Fans” and “Twitter Fans”. This will help you in reaching to the right audience all at once without losing out on your subscribers.

Make the email personal – You should always address a person by his name in the email as this tends to attract readers attention. Many readers tend to ignore the emails which are not addressed to them. Most of the email marketing services offer this facility these days. This will also add loyalty to your brand.

Use a mix of various media – One can use various media’s all at once like adding images and embedding or linking back a video to YouTube. This will help readers to hold on as many would prefer to watch a video then to read a long email you have sent. Video or an audio will convey the same message but in a more organized and systematic manner.

Last but not the least is to provide quality to your readers!

Author Bio:- This is a guest post written by Chirag Jethmalani who blogs at India Business Blog and has recently written about this amazing app m-indicator.

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  • Aditi

    December 3, 2012, 12:06 pm

    Hi Bilal,
    The tips that you have shared are really very informative. I do agree with it. Email marketing is the best form of marketing where you can reach to a large scale of visitors through emails and also at a much smaller expense. I like the point of “eye-catchy subject line” and also keeping your email easy and simple for your visitors to understand it. Thanks for the share!!

    • Chirag

      December 10, 2012, 6:00 am

      Glad you liked the article.
      What according to you is the reciting factor of a good email?


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