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Back to School Gaming- Laptops for Gaming

The world of computers is experiencing a huge surge in impressive hardware. When Intel released its Ivy Bridge processors, every company suddenly updated their lineup. From their notebooks to laptops, everything has Ivy Bridge on it.

We’re also experiencing plenty of competition, and that’s good. Companies are trying to come out with the best product that meets a certain audience, without the need for customers to rob a bank.

If you’re off to college and your parents are sending you there with a shiny new laptop, check out these two gaming laptops. Not only are they great for games, they’re also great for all – around tasks.

Maingear Pulse 11

Maingear Pulse 11

Maingear is a boutique laptop and desktop company. They make computers with a huge variety of customization, allowing you to choose parts without becoming too expensive. One of their most inexpensive products is an 11 – inch gaming laptop, the Pulse 11.

To begin, this laptop has an 11.6 – inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The base processor is an Intel i5 processor, but you can opt for the faster i7 processors available. Stock memory starts at 4 GB, but you can increase it to 8 or 16 GB for just a small amount.

The basic hard drive starts at 250 GB, but you can choose more expensive options, such as an SSD. Graphics is supplied by an NVIDIA GT 650M, delivering impressive graphics without becoming too expensive. The laptop starts at $999 and prices go up as more stuff is added.

Overall, why would you want an 11 – inch gaming laptop? Well, it’s very portable and powerful at the same time. You can bring it to class too.

Plus, Maingear provides you plenty of accessories, such as external optical drives, keyboards, speakers and secondary displays. They even throw in a couple of free games and t – shirts for good measure.

Asus G75W – DS71

Asus G75W – DS71

If you have more money to spend, but you’re not willing to go over 2,000 dollars, then the G75W is a good option for you.

Renowned for creating durable products, Asus is also known for its Republic of Gamers brand. The G75W proudly carries that tag, and starting at 1,699 dollars, the G75W is pretty hard to beat.

First, this laptop has a huge 17.3 inch screen, with 1920 x 1080 pixels. It definitely looks great.

It also comes with an Ivy Bridge i7 processor, and it has 12 GB of RAM. You can do plenty of things with this game thanks to those parts. To help with visuals, this laptop comes with an NVIDIA GTX 660M processor, which is one of NVIDIA’s high – end cards, but certainly not the best. That being said, it’s still a powerhouse when it comes to graphics. Benchmark games such as Crysis run smoothly at native resolution, provided you don’t turn on things like anti-aliasing.

The only downside to this laptop is the size. It weighs 9 pounds and 12 pounds with the adapter! It’s like you can work out after you play games!


With aggressive pricing, Maingear and Asus have two amazing products that are definitely hard to beat, especially for students looking for power and affordability at the same time.

Author Bio:- Misha Williams is a 23-year old writer/blogger from Las Vegas, Nevada who loves to write articles about technology and the Internet. She was now working for CashForLaptops.com, a site where you can sell your laptop for a great cash. You can follow her in FacebookorTwitter.

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