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Awesometastic Yet Free Creativity Tools For Your Projects

If you think quality web designs always means that you’d have to spend hundreds of dollars, then you can never be further from the truth.

When I first started, I used to think that way too. I spent a couple hundred of dollars just for plug-ins, templates, images, etc. since I was oblivious about the kind of opportunity that the internet offers. I mean, sure there are a lot of opportunities online but to give away freebies to this extent (you’ll soon find out what this means)? Surely no ones going to give me free themes or plug-ins right? WRONG!

After doing extensive research and building connections with people online, I’ve learned of  some really cool sites where you can get freebies for your website’s design.

Feast your eyes on these cool freebies:

1# Free Fonts (www.dafont.com)

Whether you’re a beginner at web designing or you’ve been at it for a while, you probably know by now that fonts have a strong impact on your site’s aesthetics and its overall feel.

Here in Dafont, there are tons of free fonts that you can use to make sure that your font isn’t messing with your site’s overall design. They have hundreds of fonts that you can choose from so take your pick!

An important point to remember though is that you should always review the fonts license. Once you’ve downloaded the free font, you should be able to see the license and what it says about how to use that specific font.

2# Social Media Icons (www.designreviver.com)

Are you planning on giving your web design that social media angle of getting viral traffic?

If you answered yes, then using social media icons should do the job for you.

Instead of manually making social media icons, you can use their nifty icons instead. Try it! You’d be amazed at how it looks like

3# WordPress Theme (www.woothemes.com)

Finally! You won’t have to start from scratch!

Instead of manually creating your own design from scratch, you can use woothemes’ awesome WordPress themes. Trust me. If you’re looking for professionally made themes that makes your website look stunning, they’re one of the “go to” guys!

4# Doodles for your sales page (www.doodlemycopy.com)

If you want a sales page that looks good and converts well, then use doodles! If you don’t want to have a good conversion and a sales page that looks boring, then just stick to plain words.

Why are doodles so important? That’s simply because it helps in directing the visitors’ eyes and it tells them what’s important or not. It’s an important tool to use if you want to emphasize certain aspects of your page.

5# Facebook Timeline (www.premiumcoding.com)

Since I want to give you a bonus, allow me to share this resource since its going to help you with your Facebook marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for awesome Facebook timeline covers, then you’ve got to visit premium coding. They have professional looking timeline covers that you’ll surely love!

These resources will help you make an awesome web design without having to spend for anything AT ALL! Just be very careful with its licensing since they may have some special ruling on how the freebies can be used.

Now that you’ve learned of these resources, you can now take a look at these sites and check out the freebies that they’re offering.

If you have any free resources to share that can help in making a better web design, I’d very much appreciate it if you’ll share it in the comments section below.

Author:- Aileen Galsim is a blogger for Showcase Creative a UK based printing company that provides UK Custom Presentation Folders, calendars, and other printed presentation products.

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