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Automate your Lifestyle with NFC Phones and Google Wallet

We’ve all been hearing about a new technology called Near Field Communications (NFC). Tech blogs and magazines have been calling this the newest ‘killer app’ that any modern smartphones need to have. But what is NFC and how does it promise to change how we use our phones?

NFC, found in popular smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X, might be the feature that truly lets us manage our lives from a single device. As this tech rises in popularity, which already has strong backing from Google and Microsoft, we’ll soon be using NFC phones and unpowered NFC tags to enable easy information sharing and communication.

Simplify your life with NFC apps like Task Launcher

Blue Tooth Driving

Many of us have cars that feature built-in Bluetooth hands-free calling which allows us to play music through the stereo. But what if there was no need to fumble with your phone each time you got in? NFC, with its ability to trigger off preset tasks based on NFC tags, promises all this and more.

All you need to get started on this is an NFC-enabled phone and a set of NFC tags that can be bought online. You can program these NFC tags and then place them wherever you want. Then, when your phone comes close to an NFC tag, it’ll trigger off action like:

  • Put your phone on silent when you place it near your alarm clock
  • Turn on Bluetooth when you get in your car
  • Put your phone on silent when you reach your workstation
  • Update Facebook status when you enter your favourite cafe

NFC apps like Google Wallet make shopping simple

Cell Phone Wallet

Apart from automating functions with apps like Task Launcher, you will soon be able to use Google Wallet to buy groceries at the local store. NFC can let your phone work as a wallet, eliminating the need for cash or cumbersome credit cards.

Other services that are counting on NFC wallets include big players like Amazon and Paypal. However, there’s another feature of NFC that makes it a must-have for your next smartphone buy. You can share photos, mail concert tickets and even use your NFC-enabled Android phone as a mobile ticket the next time you travel. Of course, the technology is still in a nascent stage, and it will take a few years before NFC support becomes widespread.

NFC is backed by Google and Microsoft

Mobile Technology

In the past decade, the emergence of smartphones has changed how we live. We can now carry our ‘digital lives’ in a small handheld package. Until recently, location-enabled services were the hot new thing for your Android phone or iOS device. But now, NFC technology promises to change how we use our cell phones by helping us automate several daily tasks.

For any tech to succeed, it needs to be backed by the big guns; on that count, NFC seems to be doing all right. Many Android smartphones like the Galaxy Note II are NFC-enabled, and Nokia has announced that its new Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 will also feature this brand new technology. However, Apple has decided to keep away by not including NFC support in its new iPhone 5. Giventhe iPhone’s popularity, this might become a factor!

Automated tasks and NFC-enabled shopping could very well to be the biggest lifestyle revolution since credit cards allowed us to leave our cash in the bank!

Author Bio:- Sven Latimer has been a blogger for over 10 years. His most recent work includes writing technology articles for Appsmylife. Sven is very trendy and up to date in the field of mobile technology and he enjoys providing value and personality in his content.

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