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Is Augmented Reality A Better Investment Than Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality

Did you know that the investments in the Virtual Reality sector for 2016 are exceeding $1 billion? The popularity of virtual reality is growing significantly every single day, and it looks like that this technology is going to stay.

However, when viewed from a business perspective, virtual reality has certain limitations. It seems that augmented reality is a much better investment.

Price Tag of Virtual Reality

The biggest downside of virtual reality is the fact that it requires an expensive headset and a capable PC. When you make yourself some calculations, you will see that the initial investment can be up to $2,000 and more.

Of course, there’s an inexpensive option – Google’s Cardboard. Even though that they are effective, they don’t offer anything from the experiences provided by HTC and Oculus Rift.

It will take some time before the mass of people decides to spend so much money on virtual reality. Maybe the compelling virtual content will increase its popularity but the most famous game, and app developers have decided to wait and see what will happen with this industry.

Augmented Reality Will Succeed

In order to use augmented reality, you are not required to spend a large amount of money for headsets. This is due to the fact that augmented reality is available on every smartphone and all they need is a camera from high quality to point at objects and receive information.

This is something that users do on a daily basis, and AR simply makes this act better and more engaging. According to analysts, investments in this sector will exceed $90 billion by 2020, while for the same amount of time the investments in the VR industry will reach around $30 billion.


It looks like that customers love augmented reality. A proof for that is the success of Pokemon Go, which was downloaded 7 million times for one week, whereas its two closest competitors Angry Birds 2 and Candy Crush Jelly Saga were downloaded only 4 million times together for the same period of time.

Now, people know what augmented reality has to offer, and they want more of it.

Augmented Reality is Better As An Investment

At this stage, augmented reality is far better for investments than virtual reality. First of all, the potential market of AR is significantly larger. At this point, augmented reality appears to be familiar to consumers, and it’s more popular. However, both technologies will stay as “hot trends” for years to come.

Virtual and Augmented Realities are the future of technologies in our modern word. Perhaps, headsets and high-end computers will be available for every customer soon.

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  • Mammie

    November 14, 2016, 11:14 am

    Just bought a new Nikon! Super excited to start using it.


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