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Attracting Readers Through Images On Your Blog

Attracting more visitors and increasing the readership of the blog is everybody’s aim. People use different tricks to attract visitors. But beside all the other useful tips and tricks for attracting readers for a blog, images play a major role in attracting the visitors and readers. Images can be used in a blog for many purposes. Some blogs are totally dependent on images whereas in some blogs the images just compliment the writing. As a blogger it is really important for you to put images on your blog which are attractive and which capture the attention of the reader and are relevant to the content.

images for attracting readers

Images help the blogger to explain about something in more depth. For instance let us take the example of a wholesaler or supplier who wants to sell his products online and uses blogging as an important tool to attract business. His reason for blogging is followed by the need of promoting his products or services and educating the clients about them. Generally the b2b clients are more interested in viewing the product. They first look for a products picture. And after finding the image of the product attractive they proceed further and read the content. So, for that wholesaler or supplier the images on the business blog help him explain about the product in detail, attract the clients and build their interest in the product.

Sometimes it is not easy for a reader to understand what the writer is talking about in such condition the images on the blog along with the content help the reader to understand deeply.

An intelligent blogger always displays attractive images on his blog to compliment the content. He also takes care about the copyright issues and uses images which he owns, are public or which do not violate the terms and conditions of usage. Though it is not important and compulsory to display images on your blog but it has been experienced that displaying attractive images related to the content increase a blog’s readability to a great deal.

Tip to Optimize Images

One of the most important thing is to optimize your images for search engines so that it can bring traffic and readers to your blog. In order to optimize your images you can use SEO Friendly Images Plugin on your blog. A plugin which automatically create titles and alt tags for images you upload to your blog. Thus your images rank on different image search engines and attract new readers to you blog.

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Author:- Susan Smith is a Wholesale expert and has a good understanding of supply chain management. She writes frequently for Wholesalers on topics related to online marketing, business blogging, ecommerce and dropshipping.