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Aspects of Email Collaboration

Collaborative software variably known as Groupware forms a software that has been designed so as to help professionals seeking to attain their goals at their official task. This specially designed software is meant for the transformation of the way of sharing rich media as well as documentation so as to enable better team collaboration, effective at the same time. Human interactions being so varied in nature, employment of appropriate technologies is necessary in order to meet the needs required for those different interactions.

Any kind of collaboration whether it is email collaboration or any other of the sort, requires individuals to work unanimously following a coordinated fashion so as to achieve a goal that is common to all. The software is dedicated to aid communication and to solve problems in the form of action oriented group working for it irrespective of geographical distances with the use of certain tools. The software also looks into the matter that management functions as the likes of task management, e.g., Email management, deadlines as per time and shared calendars are also supported.

Importance of Email Collaboration

With 90% of institutes take the help of some or the other social networking websites for their benefit. However, there are very few who actually benefit from them. The reason behind this failure is an email integration directly connected to the social systems which in turn requires the employees to be broken away from the email, so as to check the system and collaborate with it only to return to the email again. This can be overcome only with email collaboration. Assessment of IT teams is based on six particular integration points along with certain user requirements as well as interoperability benchmarks and what is important is that email is necessary for all of them. Communication by means of email has always been and will always be crucial irrespective of any kind of project. This is because email management would help with the provision of better status updates, follow up notes as well as meeting notices.

Facilities provided by Email Collaboration

Integration of a management system regarding a particular project with that of email is meant to be powerful in the following ways:

  • Sharing of Gmail labels with the entire team of employees at an office has become a lot easier now. Once a label is sent to a conversation in the form of an email, the same label will be appearing in the colleagues’ inboxes as well thus letting everyone know about the updated happenings. Certain collaborating services a centralized repository of emails that are useful such that there is no loss of any important mail.
  • Assignment of tasks as well as tracking of status will be easier with shared mailbox at hand once collaboration of the email is carried out.
  • No other system would have been able to provide a picture with every minute detail, as clear as that of the collaborating email regarding any particular project.
  • Useful emails as well as attachments along with access controls and tags can be saved in a centralized archive in the shared mailbox.

Email as the Best Collaborating Tool

Despite the presences of tools such as the Google Wave, Google Docs, Microsoft Office SharePoint and Basecamp, email have been standing apart as the best collaborating tool since 40 years. Its popularity lies in its simplicity which makes it easier to use such that they are used by all kinds of people. The servers on their part make it further easier to handle collaboration in the form of advanced technologies as the likes of antispasm, antivirus and encryption. The administer product includes a webmail interface that is dynamic.

Author Bio: – Sumit Kumar is a freelance writer and part time blogger. He visits Grexit website that offers quality email collaboration service and he acts as a contributor to this website. He is very enthusiast about the shared mailbox feature and finds the service very useful for his business.

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