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Arguments for Long Tail Keywords

Long tailed keywords are also known as long tailed keyword phrases or terms. They are sets of keywords that usually consist of three or more words. Within this article however you may include awkward word couplings as long tailed keywords too. For example an awkwardly coupled keyword may be “Austin-316”, or “1990’s 00’s”, etc.  This article tells you why longer keywords and longer keyword phrases are beneficial for a website.

Long tailed keywords can be used to test the usability of smaller keywords

Long tailed keywords are also known as terms or phrases because they have multiple words in them. In many cases the smaller and more popular keywords are also within long tailed keyword phrases. If you would like to test the usability of your smaller keywords then you can switch and change them between your long tailed keyword phrases and analyze the results. If your long-term keyword becomes more popular with a certain smaller keyword within then it will warrant further investigation and investment.

Long tailed keywords are easier to integrate in to web content

Sometimes it is difficult to smaller and awkwardly phrased smaller keywords into a piece of web content; this may also be true for longer tailed keywords, but at least you have more room for maneuver with longer keyword phrases. Long tailed keywords will also stand out in a less obvious fashion than misplaced smaller keyword phrases will.

Long tailed keywords have the smaller keywords inside of them

When you add a long tailed keyword phrase into your web content, you must remember that you are still adding the smaller keywords too. For example a long tailed keyword phrase with four words in will make up your keyword term/phrase; however, it also has the potential for four singular keyword terms, three double keyword terms and two triple keyword terms.

Long tailed keywords appear naturally within your content so that you may copy your contents keywords after the fact

This is a simple concept that is used by SEO veterans. You simply create your web content first and then look through your text to find your organically occurring keywords. Your shorter keywords will be available to harvest, but so will your longer tailed keywords too.

Long tailed keywords are more targeted

Long tailed keywords have a far higher conversion rate than shorter terms/phrases do. Shorter keywords may draw in a lot more traffic, but the traffic is often filled with people who were not looking for your particular site/products/services. Few people realize that five long tailed keywords/phrases may bring as much traffic as one smaller but popular word; however, the long tailed keyword traffic would produce far higher conversion rates.

Long tailed keywords have less competition

Shorter keywords have lots of online competition, but longer keyword phrases have less competition because websites are statistically less likely to focus on them. It is more of a numbers thing, for example, a keyword phrase of three words has a choice of 9 word configurations, however, a keyword term of four words has 16 potential keyword configurations.

Long tailed keywords cost less when advertising on affiliate programs

Even on very popular affiliate programs such as Google’s AdWords have very little competition for long tailed keywords/phrases. You can jump to the front of the queue for just a few cents.

Long tailed keywords actually make up over 50% of most websites

If you think about it, there are many long tailed keyword phrases within your web content, especially if your web content “Sticks to the point,” i.e. stays on-topic. If you create web content naturally then you should be able to pull quite a few long tailed keywords from it; although, it may be wise to add in a few synonyms in place of your naturally occurring keywords.

The results from long tailed keywords trial and error research are more conclusive

There is less room for error and less variables to consider when analyzing your results. For example, if your web page appears because a user types in seven words (in order), then the results are easy to conclude upon. If your web page appears on page two of the search engine results because three of the five searched words being optimized in your website then there are many variables to consider when concluding on your market/keyword research.

Long tailed keywords make you less dependent upon one or two keywords

SERP means Search Engine Results Page. If you use just one or two smaller keywords then your future SERP position will depend upon them. If your competition becomes fiercer then your SERP position will fall rapidly.

Long tailed keywords bring their own organic traffic

They may not be big hitters when it comes to drawing traffic, but they will bring their own traffic and will require very little off-site maintenance. Simply scatter a few backlinks with the long tailed keywords as anchor text and it will hold you over for a few months.

Author Bio:-Korah Morrison, writer on EssayWritingServices.com that helps students to write essays of any complexity.

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  • Shorya Bist

    January 16, 2013, 10:06 pm

    Hi Bilal,

    Nice article…Today competition is very high when it comes to search engine .So targeting long tail keyword is certainly a option which can give you results.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  • Nishant Tripathi

    January 16, 2013, 7:41 pm

    I am little bit disagree with point “Long tailed keywords have the smaller keywords inside of them”. If you put long keywords you will get SE only if words mostly match… i dont think that it will be considered in single word search… correct me if i am wrong in my point…


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