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Are You The Only One Being Targeted By Spammers? Is There Really A Way Out?

Now, we are not talking about spam e-mail messages. Everyone gets a spam e-mail messages, especially if you are using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and America Online etc. Under such circumstances you just need to hit the spam button and that should take care of the problem. But, what about those text messages that keep flooding your inbox every day and the matter how many times you try to unsubscribe to those messages, the numbers simply keep rising? Luckily, there are several ways to get rid of the problem.

  • You can’t really stop using your cell phone, but you can definitely make sure that your private number receives the same treatment as your primary e-mail address. Spammers don’t really care about your privacy, if you yourself don’t – it is advisable that you don’t give out your phone number to those ever smiling salesmen offering excellent incentives against answers to some of the easiest questions on the planet. If you can’t stop yourself from getting out of a number to everyone you meet, you better get yourself another number and the second one could be used for socializing. You wouldn’t mind if your inbox (for the second number) gets flooded with text messages in that case.
  • Not all of us are too keen on giving out our numbers frequently, but unfortunately the spammers don’t care to differentiate and even the less enthusiastic phone users are not spared. The first thing that you need to do is to try and resist yourself from unsubscribing to these spam messages. Spammers actually use advanced computer programs to generate thousands of legitimate looking phone numbers and they have separate automated systems to send out messages to all these generated numbers. This trial and error method ends up giving them a bunch of legitimate phone numbers at the end of the day. The moment you try to unsubscribe to these messages, you are actually confirming the authenticity of your phone number and that exactly serves the purpose of the spammers. We know it is difficult to just keep receiving such messages and do nothing, but by doing exactly that you would actually be discouraging the spammers and over a period of time this thing is actually going to stop.
  • In the United Kingdom and Australia, several cell phone-based computer programs are available that allow the users to have separate message inboxes for storing different kinds of messages. There are some such services available in the United States as well and if you can get your hands on one of them, you could easily categorize your messages as important, archived and spam. This works just like e-mail and over a period of time these spam messages are going to get deleted automatically.
  • Most cell phone service providers also offer you the option of registering with the Federal DND services. This is absolutely free and takes less than a couple of seconds to set up. After you have set up, it’s going to take a couple of days for the system to accept your number and after that you should be able to have a spam free life.

Author Bio:- HippoMSG researches about how medical related information can be shared by physicians through secure mobile messaging while sticking to HIPPA regulations.

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