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Are You a Victim of Spyware? Read, Follow and Get Rid of a Spyware

Spyware is one such menace that causes several problems for your PC; they creep into your PCs from Internet and collect all your important information. 50 % of PCs crash due to spyware and hence if you do not remove spyware from your PC, your privacy will get compromised and you may face various other problems. This article talks about how spyware affects us? What troubles one may face, and what should be done to get rid of Spyware problems.

This is an era of the Internet; we all know that the internet and other technical inventions have shared our burden. Computers can now run faster than never before. In addition, this is the fact that the internet has made our lives simpler. Computers, laptops all these comprise of so many sensitive data and if they become victims of any malfunctions or malware’s, all your data become exposed. Amongst many, spyware is one such menace that causes several problems for your PC.

How a PC is infected with a spyware?

A) When you visit websites that lure you to get unbelievable discounts, offers and suggests you to complete actions by clicking on relevant links etc. you are always at the risk of getting infected with a spyware.  We must avoid visiting such websites and should close the page immediately.  If you do not avoid these pages then they may drop harmful tracking cookies, browser objects, which are actually spyware programs

B) When someone downloads pirated copies of software, movies, latest songs and other shared files using peer-to-peer networks (Torrents) or from warez websites, they are at more risk of being infected with Spyware. Downloading files from such places is completely insecure. Potential hackers who are looking to gain control over your PC, upload such files on those sharing networks.

C) Never open any unsolicited email claiming to give you a prize or that makes you an heir of a millionaire or unbelievable discount by opening the attachment. Such emails are accompanied with attachments that are spyware and are another easy method to infect any potential PC.

In case due to ignorance you get infected, you would start noticing several problems with your PC, which may include.

a) Sudden sluggishness in your PCs performance. All the time your PC will appear busy, not allowing you to use your PC normally

b) Unknown Windows errors will start appearing on your Windows, which would have no meaning

c) Complete blockage of your Internet Speed, making it extremely slow

d) You may notice sudden crashes or blue screen of death

These all points are some of the most common issues that any Windows user might face when a spyware is inside their Windows PC. Programmatically the Spyware is programmed to do these things

a)      Protect Itself

b)      Do the Spy work

c)       Spread itself further

How to clean your PC when it is infected with a Spyware?

a) Download any good Spyware Remover Tool

b) Make sure the Anti-Spyware software scans the memory of your Windows, current processes and all Windows startup entries.

c) Most of the Spyware can be located from these locations, which can be easily cured by any good Anti-Spyware.

d) Sometimes there can be some touch ones, who require special techniques to be removed from a PC. You can read the instructions from such Ant-Spyware company support section about removal instructions as most of the companies publish such information on their websites

After cleaning, you can keep that Anti-Spyware software installed on your PC to block, clean any spyware threat that may try to invade your PC in the future.

Author Bio:- Sonny Smith is associated with Max Secure Software as Head – Online Marketing. He is a complete family man, Social Media lover and blogging enthusiast. He sleeps rarely and mostly he can be found caffeinated, engulfed in his laptop. Who loves to write about Spyware Removal techniques, making PC run faster and much more related stuff about other PC utilities.