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Are You A Twitter Spammer ?

Twitter is a revolutionary social network, allowing people to share concise thoughts and links via a system which allows messages to be no longer than 140 characters. It has a lot of potential from a business standpoint as it gives you the ability to instantaneously deliver a promotional message to thousands upon thousands of followers however, there are many people out there who make the mistake of thinking that, seeing as how the messages are so short, they can be sent more often. In other words, some people inadvertently become spammers, causing their followers and other Twitter users to lose faith in them, thus harming their business. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do, or avoid doing, in order to ensure that you are not, in fact, a Twitter spammer, and here’s a look at the most important ones.

twitter spammer

Follow those who Follow You

Automatically following your followers back is actually expected to be a common practice, almost to the point of becoming an unwritten rule for most Twitter users. However, this must be done with a certain sense of control; you don’t want to simply follow every one of your followers, for when people will start to look at your following list, they will see you as nothing but someone (or a program) who automatically follows everyone. Take the time to read what your followers are twitting, and follow the ones you are genuinely interested in.

Be Responsive

When people are asking questions, they expect to be answered within a reasonable amount of time, especially if on Twitter. Naturally, it is impossible to manually respond to each and every question you are going to be asked, but you should make an effort to react to the more important ones on a daily basis. Also, not to leave people hanging, you can use an auto-responding program that will automatically send a short message to the users you have selected. However, be sure to eventually get to answering their questions, or else they will feel as if you have copped out with an auto-response. When people see you interacting with them, they will know that you are a real person who cares about their business.

Treat Direct Messages with Care

There are many larger companies out there that use an auto-response system in order to reply to their direct messages, and regardless of how convenient it may seem, it is a bad move. Why is that the case? Well, when people are motivated enough to write a direct message to someone, chances are that they have a pressing question or a problem they would want resolved. They expect to receive some kind of advice as a reply, and not a robotic message that thanks and demands their patience. Manually responding to all direct messages will earn you a lot of trust amongst Twitter users.

Put Some Variation in your Tweets

A lot of users out there have taken to the practice of consistently tweeting one type of message. For some people it’s inspirational quotes, for others it’s promotional messages with links in them. If you keep on making the same type of post over and over again, your followers will not only start to consider you as being boring, but they are also going to suspect you of using a bot. Simply make different types of tweets from time to time, switching from promotional content, to quotes, to news links, and so on and so forth. Make the variety shine.

Never Use Bulk Tweets

For some people, business is more of a matter of quantity rather than quality, and so they try to send out as many tweets as possible. Naturally, these types of people don’t actually post the tweets manually; they have a special software that was programmed to send out a certain number of tweets every day. It isn’t hard to see who is bulk tweeting, and if your followers see you do this, two things will cross their mind. First of all, they will see you as someone who cares about nothing other than numbers and profits, and second of all, the sheer amount of tweets will irritate them. Even if you are going to use some kind of software, make sure to send out tweets only one at a time, limiting yourself at five to ten per day.

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  • Rashmi Sinha

    March 13, 2013, 12:28 am

    Thanks god!!
    I am not a spammer, phew!!! i love Twitter and the entire concept of sharing it with your followers. Keep the tweet funny and fresh is my funda to become a successful twitterati.


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