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Are Tablet Computers Better Than Netbooks?

Until about two years ago Netbooks were steeply rising in popularity, with people all over the world marvelling at these incredibly portable devices that could function just like laptops and were extremely easy to carry around. However the scene has taken a complete shift and ever since the release of the uber-trendy tablet computers that literally taken the world by a storm, netbooks have been dying a slow death, so much so that experts are claiming that tablet sales will overtake netbook sales by as soon as 2015!

Whether that happens or not is anybody’s guess but going by the current trend, it seems likely that the predictions will indeed turn out to be correct. Although it’s true that tablets have come a long way since their launch and now boast much more sophisticated specs, we shouldn’t forget that netbooks too are quite handy devices themselves. So let’s compare them head to head and see whether tablet PCs are really better than netbooks or not. Since most features in both the devices are quite similar, I’ll just talk about the differentiating factors here rather than just ranting on.

Size & Weight

While netbooks were themselves considered extremely portable and compact a couple of years back, tablet computers have almost overshadowed them since they are much more easier to handle, and are incredibly light-weight as well. The main reason for the lightness is that unlike netbooks, tablets don’t have the extra burden of a keyboard attached to them, which takes out a significant amount of weight from them.

I know some of you may argue that the lack of keyboard goes against tablet PCs but the great part is that you can attach a usb keyboard to your tablets if you don’t prefer using the onscreen keyboards, whenever you like. All-in-all, tablets win this round and unfortunately netbooks end on the losing side based on the size & weight.

Connectivity Options

Talking about the connectivity options in netbooks and tablets, netbooks turn out to be the clear winners as most of them feature a wide range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Wireless Internet Wi-Fi, two-three USB ports, VGA port, Audio jack etc. which means you can connect to your device in a variety of ways. Also some of the netbooks even feature Multi-in-one card readers and a HDMI port that lets you connect your netbook with a HDMI enabled device.

On the other hand, tablets are in still in a nascent stage when it comes to this aspect, as most of them only boast bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a microUSB port at best. Quite decent but doesn’t really match up to those offered by netbooks.

The Final Word

Overall, it’s really a close fight between them and there’s nothing much to separate the two. In the end, I would say that it really boils down to personal preferences, although there’s no doubt tablets are definitely the devices that are going to rule the markets over the next few years.

Author Bio:- Harshit Singhal loves writing about tech and owns a tablet PC blog called Tablet Reviews Today.

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