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Are Premium WordPress Themes Worth the Price Tag?

There are many different reasons to consider purchasing a WordPress theme rather than choosing from one of the thousands of free themes floating around the Internet.  Let’s take a look at some of the more popular reasons for taking the leap and see if premium themes are necessarily the answer.

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The biggest thing that premium themes have going for them is their appearance.  You can generally assume that a professional designer and front-end developer was behind the production and they took quite a bit of time and care to make a finished product they believe can sell.

However, with enough digging you can probably find comparable options for free.  Websites like SmashingMagazine and HongKiat regularly feature collections of the best looking free WordPress themes being produced.

With anything free you should consider the motivation for providing the service.  In the case of WordPress themes, they are often given away in order to entice you to the producers other premium themes, marketers use them to add links in the footer for SEO purposes, and some freelancers make them to simply have something nice and shiny in their portfolio.

The one downside to the better looking free themes is there development is often limited, they are perfect for bloggers, but what if you are merely using WordPress as a CMS for a more ambitious website?


WordPress themes like Thesis have taken the idea of a theme as a visual tool and expanded on it greatly.  Many premium themes offer a host of added functionality to a website beyond the tools for blogging, for which WordPress was originally created.

However, advanced functionality themes are often restricted to a handful of design options (unless you are capable of making your own).

The primary industry that functionality based designs shine is shopping cart websites.  The years of webmasters having to figure out a complicated shopping cart cgi script are gone; now replaced with easy to set-up shopping cart WordPress themes complete with Paypal integration.  If you are planning on running your online business with WordPress, a premium theme might be your only option.


The web is a big place with thousands of websites going up every day.  So it is hard to imagine that the theme you choose for your website is not repeated many times with different websites.

The price wall for premium themes does a good job of lowering the number of people that have the same website template as you.  I’d also suggest hiring a freelance designer/developer to add a little bit of personal flare to your theme to make it extra unique (this can also be done with free themes).

However, a bit of research into your industry can keeping an eye out for popular themes can help you pick out a theme that no one will realize isn’t made for your site only.


Are premium WordPress themes worth the asking price?  I’d say it really depends on what you plan on doing with the website.  With most themes costing less than fifty dollars it would surely be a justifiable cost for a website you are planning on putting hours and hours worth of work into.  But if this is just one blog you are making in your legion of thousands of blogs, a free one probably will accomplish your goals.

Author Bio:- Frank Anderson is a blogger, designer, and technology enthusiast.  He currently works with companies to help them manage their exchangehosting and other email issues.