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The Application Of Smart Phone Data Recovery Utility In Digital Forensics

Do you have any idea what a Digital forensic expert actually does? The digital analysts are there to investigate the crime. In nowadays illegal actions or even crimes are often conducted by smart phone since it is the most frequently used communication tool. Secrets are often hidden in smart phones. Generally the private data on people’s phones are protected by the law, but what if a detective or policemen want to get evidence of suspect’s illegal actions?

Do you know one of interesting circumstances in which private detectives often use a smart phone data recovery tool? Yes, adultery. An unfaithful husband or wife may be smart enough to regularly delete all the call logs, text messages or even photos related to a concubine. However, once their smart phones are detained by another person (a private detective probably), the deleted files on these devices could be recovered via special tools. Let’s take android phone, for example. Here in this article we are going to share with you a powerful android data recovery utility that could be sued to recover varied kind of files and data.

Data Recovery Tools

Dr.Fone for Android is one of recovery programs developed by the popular brand Wondershare. It is the first android data recovery software in the world. The program can recover documents, photos, messages, contacts, videos, photos, call logs, audio files and even WhatsApp messages from the Android tablets and phones.

It is very easy to use the program. Install and run the program (you may need to pay for the full version to use all the features.), and connect the device to the computer. You can then scan your device with the program and preview the deleted files. If you just need to recover messages, then you can just choose messages. You have the option to choose what kind of data to recover.

Recover your Data Dr.Fone Data Recovery Wondershare Dr.Fone Utility


For a detailed tutorial guide to use the program, you may click here. It is available on both Mac and Windows computers and support more Android phones and tablets including the latest android 6.0 devices.

Frankly, we hope the data recovery program never has any chance to be used in such circumstance. Loyalty is the basic principle for a family. Think twice before you send a message that should not be sent, or make a call that should not be made. Of course, forensics is just an interesting field where Dr.fone for Android could be used. In most common cases the end Android phone users could use it to recover accidentally deleted photos or songs, or save data from a broken device.

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  • Abhilash P S

    January 13, 2016, 4:47 pm

    You did a fantastic work Bilal, Thank you for You and Wondershare. A big problem solved!!!!!


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