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Apples New iOS 7 [Features]

We are all waiting for Apple’s new iOS 7, which will be available in the Fall. iO7 is going to be more stylish and clean than ever before. Apple has worked hard to make iOS 7 flat by removing some layers and extra elements. People having iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad2, iPad 3rd and 4th generation, iPad Mini will be able to update their devices with this new OS and enjoy updates. Today, we will talk about some of the most interesting features of iOS 7, you will love to know about:

1. Designed for an Enjoyable Experience:

Apple did a lot on the design of iOS 7 to make it a completely changed operating system. It has some similarities with Nokia’s MeegGo in layout and other features. Its icons are more round than before with vivid colors.

Apple improved the font with few changes in schematics. The notification bar is now available even when the screen is locked, which means you do not have to unlock your phone to get useful notifications.

2. Control Centre Making Important Things Just a Swipe Away:

The all-new control centre of iOS 7 is one of the big enhancements, which has, always, been the persistent part of whole ecosystem. It appears when you swipe up anywhere on the screen. This control centre will give you a lot new options to control your device. Its the same translucent screen, but allows you to control brightness, change to airplane mode and enables you to do many other tasks. You will also see the music player. Users can control brightness without exiting the current app, they are working on. It also contains flash light to play with.

3. iTunes: Music is Now Even More Bigger Thing

Apple has always focused on improving its music and iTunes. As stated by Apple, it is the best music player they have ever done. Music player on iOS 7 will not only show the music files and songs stored on your device, but it will also add all the tracks stored on your iCloud. This feature will help you getting all the songs at one place.

4. Fully Renovated App Store:

Apple has given its App store a whole new style and look. You can download more than 900,000 apps through it. You can easily search for anything you want.  Apple has provided age based apps on its iOS 7 App store, which is good for parents.  It also contains an option named ‘Apps near me’; as the name itself entails, you can search the apps popular in your area or your current location. One big change, which Apple fans would really love, is that apps will update automatically.

5. Multi-tasking and App Switching:

Multitasking has also been changed to some extent. It allows jumping from one app to another with superb visual experience. Now, double tapping the home button will not pop-up a small tray at the bottom, as we have experienced in the previous versions. It has great UI with app icon flipping below the plane.

Final Words:

There are a lot of interesting additions and changes we are going to see on the new iOS 7. Lets see, what Apple brings in its new iO7 to stand out in the increasingly competing mobile-phone industry.

John Patrick is the journalist and tech junkie for a leading mobile phones website. You can where they always have the best information on mobile phones.

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  • Bill G.

    July 12, 2013, 9:03 am

    I love that they’ve finally added features which you could only get by jailbreaking before, but I just can’t get over the design. The skinny little lines kill me.


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