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Apple Watch – Still A Long Way To Go

Much has been made of the new Apple watch over the past year. Many are hailing it as a game changer, a disruptive innovation to the wearable tech market. However, the reception has been muted to say the least – with its top end 18.000 dollar model unlikely to ruffle the feathers of the traditional mechanical watch market and the bottom end model providing fewer technological advances than expected. Here, we take a look at some features of the Apple Watch that need to be implemented sooner rather than later.

Apple Watch
  • Advance Health MonitoringBilled as one of the most promising features of smartwatches in general, the lack of advance health monitoring utilities such as blood pressure and stress levels, had many people up in arms. The original Apple Watch plans almost certainly featured these specifications, however, it now seems likely that they will appear in the second generation watches sometime in the future.
  • WaterproofingPerhaps an extremely important oversight if Apple are trying to appeal to the sportsmen and women amongst us – with the lack of waterproofing immediately ruling swimming out of the equation. What’s more, who’s likely to risk their expensive investment whilst running in the rain? Again, it seems that any second generation of the device needs to address this issue.
  • CameraPerhaps less crucial but slightly annoying is the lack of a camera on the Apple Watch. This means that, Star Trek style wrist conversations through apps like Skype are impossible. This has proved a huge disappointment to Apple/Sci-Fi fans everywhere.
  • IndependenceMany of those waiting with baited breath were dismayed that, in essence, the Apple Watch is nothing more than an iPhone 6 accessory. More independence from the iPhone has been on many people’s lips ever since its first release.
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