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Apple vs. Samsung, Will it End in a Mutually Assured Patent Destruction?

Apple and Samsung are two market giants among the manufacturers of Smart phones. The rivalry between the two companies is about who will be able to grab the largest market share. Therefore, to achieve the desired results they are constantly striving to improve their products. For that they sometimes even resort to violating the patents knowing very well that this can subject them to lawsuit.

Apple filed a strong lawsuit against Samsung on the basis that Samsung was guilty of using Apple’s technology in many of its smart phones. Last Friday court ruled the case in favor of Apple and thus Samsung will have to pay $1 billion to them. This settlement is not that big a loss for Samsung because they earn billions of dollars annually. Apple wants more brutal punishment for Samsung, i.e. to ban their products from US markets.

A similar lawsuit and a counter lawsuit was file in South Korea. However the results there, were a little different. The court in Seoul, South Korea found that both Apple and Samsung were equally guilty. Apple violated two patents while Samsung one due to which the decision was to ban those products from Korean markets which do not fall under the category of latest. According to this Apple was not allowed to sell iPhone 3Gs and second iPads. Similarly Samsung was not allowed to sell Galaxy S and S2 in South Korea. This is a classic case of mutual patent destruction where both companies suffered to an extent.

As far the lawsuit settlement in US is concerned, Samsung was at the receiving end. However, it can also benefit from it if it. This can encourage them to find new technology to gain competitive edge over Apple and to get back some of their lost reputation. What this also means is that the windows phones of Microsoft can become popular because of the original technology that has been incorporated into them. This can also diminish the reputation of Android based phones because they make use of technology to which Apple has exclusive rights.

Third party that needs to be considered in this situation is Google. Since Samsung is the largest user of Android software which is produced by Google. Therefore, its decreased usage may have an adverse impact on Google as well. It is not as bad as it seems for the Korean Giant, as it has caused Samsung a $billion, but this verdict has officially made Samsung the number 1 competitor of Apple. Due to which, the masses have now started to compare every product of Samsung with Apple. Apple vs. Samsung patent war is more for market supremacy than anything else. Samsung smart phones like Galaxy S2 and S3 were giving tough fight to Apple’s smart phones. Therefore, Apple had to resort to using the patent as a shield against the rising sales of Samsung products. In any case, Samsung got off cheap in lawsuit. The sales that Samsung can have in a year are worth the money they had to pay to settle the lawsuit and thus to remain a force in US market.

Author Bio:- Umar Shehzad is an Electronics Engineer by Profession, but a writer at heart. He likes to read and write about the latest technology and gadgets. Read more about the Apple vs. Samsung Patent War on his website; zupdates.com.

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