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Apple vs Samsung- Battleground

The apple empire built by Steve Jobs does not seem to get enough of its victory over the Korean giant or better known as Samsung. Apple in addition to all the previous lawsuits has dragged Samsung into a new courtroom battle. This time the charges are on the basis of patent-infringement. The present charge include that Samsung is using the Apple software in its Android 4.1 version also known as “jelly bean.” The present ways of both the companies only seem to highlight a future of more and more disputes. The Galaxy note 10.1 is said to infringe on the iPad. However, in the later case Apple is actually facing difficulties to prove their point. This is due to the structural difference between the two sets. In another case Samsung’s patent infringement in relation to the lawsuit is said to conceal information while the selection procedure of the jury was being conducted. In another case it has been assumed that Apple won approximately 1.05 million dollars in a jury verdict that they had previously filed against Samsung. The more recent accusation of Apple is against Samsung’s claim that the later has not added the iPhone 5 to the latest list of infringed products. It is due to this ongoing war of the two giants that Apple has now only 50% of the tablet market in its grip presently.

The patent war that is still on a rise between Apple and Samsung does not in the least show any sign of abatement. Both the companies are presently eyeing at battle worth 219 billion dollars…… which is approximately the global market for smart phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a tablet that has been equipped with a stylus; this feature is quite unlike the features of Apple iPads. This feature might just give Samsung the much needed edge over Apple. In a completely different case altogether, Apple is caught up in a lawsuit where it has to pay approximately 368 million dollars to VirnetX. The case has been ruled in favor of the later company on the grounds that it had infringed on the patents of VirnetX for a technology known as virtual-private-technology. The later company has accused Apple for using the FaceTime function on many of the Apple products. This is only to say Apple is under a lot of legal tie ups not only with Samsung but with many other companies.

In the entire Apple and Samsung dispute Google for the first time has been dragged into a lawsuit which is slated for a verdict in 2014. Apple has filed a patent against Samsung in Japan. This is specifically on the grounds of a certain “Bounce Back” feature of the former. However, the presiding judge Tamsotsu Shoji  said, “The defendant’s products do not seem like they used the same technology as the plaintiff’s products so we turn down the complaint made by [Apple].” A spokesperson of Samsung commented on this that they will continue providing the mobile market with quality products.

In the German courts, the scenario between the two companies is no different. Germany has given its verdict in favor of Apple. The court has barred Samsung from selling the latest launch Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany. This step it itself has made a massive impact of the sale of Samsung by half a million units. The judge presiding over the case being Johanna B.Hoffman was recorded saying “clear impression of similarity.” However team Samsung on its own behalf, is planning to make an appeal regarding the decision taken. March 2012 saw a very unique judgment when the prestigious Mannheim court dismissed claims that were made by both the parties. The release of iPhone 4S was followed by, Samsung submitting a new case in the court of Paris and that of Milan. Samsung has reportedly singled out the markets in Italy and the markets of France as key to the electronic market of Europe. However, Samsung does want to keep Germany out of this given to their previous loss. Apple has also filed a case against Samsung in the court of Australia. However, Samsung won the case and Apple’s request to block Tab 10.1 was blocked. In The Hague which is a Dutch court, the verdict was made in favor of Apple; Samsung’s plea in the basis of infringement by Apple was rejected by the court. Many such cases are still pending in British court and the U.S court and only time can tell who will win the race.

Author Bio:- Christina Maria lives in Miami and enjoys writing about technology, including online security, mobile spy and more. She is also a regular contributor in www.mireview.com

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