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Apple iPod Nano 2012 Review

Apple’s 7th generation iPod nano is quite different from being a square-shaped, wearable, music-friendly iOS device to a sort of mini iPod that lacks a mic, camera, or WiFi. All in all, it bundles up various user-friendly features of the iPod into one. It lets you take your iTunes media while you are on the go – music, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and photos. Outfitted with 16GB storage space and priced at $149, it offers most of the features that you would look for in an iPod.


It’s really amazing to know that this device, despite showcasing a sturdy aluminum back, weighs just 1.1 ounces, which is 0.4 ounces heavier than its previous version. The seventh generation iPod nano retains the rectangular design and touchscreen feature of the sixth generation nano. The screen however measures up 2.5 inches compares to the 1.5 inch sported by its previous model. This time around, Apple uses a circle at the centre of the button as opposed to the square-shaped icon in its previous model. The rear end of the nano is coated in green anodized aluminum and is also available in silver, pink, yellow, and blue if at all the original hue doesn’t suit your taste.

Present along the bottom edge of the device are the lighting connector, Bluetooth 4.0 receiver, and 3.5 mm headphone jack.  The left edge of the handset encompasses the volume adjuster, pause-play button while the top portion features the ON/OFF power button.


This time around, Apple discards the 8GB memory and upgrades it with a generous 16GB version which is priced at $149. This should provide plenty of storage options for music lovers to accommodate more of their favorite songs and videos. All in all, it gives users a mini home theater experience.


Apple has incorporated an extra pair of EarPod earbuds to its latest nano version. We found them more comfortable in the ears though they were slightly loose. However, music lovers who listen to their favorite tunes at ear-breaking volumes may come across some kind of distortion with this EarPod nano version.

Videos and photos

Apple has retained the fan-favorite video playback feature in its seventh generation iPod nano. We were really astonished with the crystal clear clarity of images and videos on the 2.5-inch wide touch screen. The device was able to support standard definition videos with incredible clarity. Simple taps on the display while watching a video will invite you to various playback features such as fast forward, rewind, and pause-play.

Battery Life

The battery is made of lithium-ion and seems to be long-lasting. As mentioned by Apple, a fully charged iPod nano provides up to 3.5 hours of video playback or 30 hours of music playback capabilities.


So, we have reviewed some of the most striking features of the seventh generation iPod nano. Priced at $149, the iPod nano fulfills the requirements of an ideal music-friendly device. However, before ordering the latest version, you may compare it with the fourth generation Ipod nano, the latest is priced $50 more and offers the same 16GB memory with a larger 2.5 inch display. It gives you instant access to heaps of apps and games and lets you enjoy a bulk of music and video content without the need to connect to a PC.

The latest version of Apple’s iPod nano is fairly priced but has limited functionalities. So, if you are okay to compromise a few features for a cheaper gadget then you may go for the latest iPod nano.

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