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Apple iPhone 4 and Student Apps

Apple Inc is one of the founders of the technology market. It has been in business long enough to be the driving force of the technology era. The company has been establishing it throughout record of being the best in introducing new technology in the field of smart gadgets. The driving force and the motivation behind all this work has been the mind of Steve Jobs God rest.

Steve Jobs is known to be the artist in the scientific field. He has been the backbone of the breakthrough technology all over the technology market. His ideas about generating the gadgets but also the accessories and apps for all his gadgets took a new turn in innovation and creativity.

The iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is the latest of all the gadgets in the iPhone series. You cannot only call it a phone but also a tablet that is capable of performing tasks you would usually do with a media player, the laptop, the internet-accessing device and a complete entertainer. Apart from that, the best iPhone 4 case made by Apple Inc is the one, which it made at first, keeping in mind that the device has to be protected properly and not be harmed by its material or texture.


The app store for Apple Inc- the iTunes is the place where you can find the different software, applications, games, entertainment material, with in very low cost as well as free. Apple not only makes apps for the all the genres’ but also uploads apps store daily with general apps. For example, if you are a doctor and you need to look for apps that can facilitate you with some tips, advice, pulse reading, heart rate etc, you may be able to get them all on the iTunes store. Similarly, with the students, now following the internet for journals, for educational information, for the details needed on any subject and topic, the Apple Inc has done it for all. Some of the famous apps that have been defined for the students in the new educational category are as follows:

1) EverNote is an app that is a notepad sort of an app that can help you note down the notes, record video notes, and even take photos that can be used for the educational purpose. You can also take advantage of the quick memo-taking feature during any lecture. You can get this app for free and there will be no charge for downloading the app from the Apple store.

2) iStudiez Pro is an app that acts as a planner for homework, a calendar and a homework diary as well. You can use it for any purpose out of three. It will also help you in defining the class schedule with the name of the class teacher and the class room every day. It also has an online sync function so that if you are using this app on any iOS device, you can download and use your data from your personal login email.

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