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Antivirus Market Tendencies

When trying to evaluate the trends in antivirus industry, we first must sample out the antiviruses that take up the greatest share of the market. While there are many antivirus products on the market, many heavy hitters are more popular, being used in a high number of PCs. By examining the Antivirus products that are the most popular and lead the market, it is easier to identify trends and market tendencies, being able to see what sort of new technology and features will be coming to more and more other antivirus products.

Symantec, and its flagship product Norton Antivirus, is incredibly popular in some areas. It is one of the most recognized names in antivirus protection, but it is surprisingly not the top product in terms of global market share. Avast Antivirus actually takes the top spot, far outranking any other virus protection product available. The Avast Antivirus software is closely followed by Avira and AVG antiviruses, and globally all three combined takes more than 50% of the global antivirus market share, which is a lot more than any other antivirus out there in the market today. Specifically speaking the highest market share is of Avast standing at around 23% and the other two that is Avira and AVG share the remaining 27 % equally. By examining these leaders,we are able to look more closely at market trends of antiviruses and how these market trends are influenced by the features of these antivirus products.

User-friendly interfaces

A primary reason why Avast has such a large following is because it has the easiest of user interfaces available in the antivirus market today. Avira and AVG also have very good user-friendly interfaces, but there is a problem with these products. Each year, even though the options remain similar, they change the theme or the style of where all the options are placed.Therefore, regular users who get used to a particular theme for one single year would initially find it irritating to map out the functionality of the new model of antivirus protection. Avast users, on the other hand, do not have to worry about such matters, as only the virus databases are enhanced and interface changes are not regular occurrences.

Frequent updates to the virus database

Another key feature of Avast, Avira, and AVG antiviruses is the fact that thesesecurity programs are all updated almost weekly with the latest updates. Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is another top product that follows this pattern. MSE is the second most popular antivirus product in North America, and the database is update by Microsoft constantly for the most current protection. This is a practice for many other products, but some do not update as thoroughly and regularly.

Real time social networking and email protection

In today’s modern society, it seems that people almost cannot live without access to their email and several different social networks almost constantly. With this great use of social media and email, high magnitudes of data transfers happen constantly, and viruses are bound to be sent from one user or computer system to another, and therefore,antivirus real-time protection software is greatly needed to protect users from infections, identity theft, blackmail, phishing, and fraud. Real time protection also enables a person to go to websites without the danger of the computer system being compromised, as firewalls to protect systems have become standard. These real time protections have become standard for all popular products and any reputable, yet lesser known, security solution.

Network protection

In corporate network protection,Avast,Avira, AVG, and MSE do not have leverage, as these antivirus programs are predominantly created for personal home computers. However, for network protection on a corporate basis, Norton Antivirus has become a leader. Some people might argue that Bit Defender also is greatly significant for enterprise, but Norton’s premium features and real time network protection makes it the best antivirus in the market today for securing networks and protecting enterprise systems. United StatesCentral Defense contracts that are established for countering potential cyber threats made to the United State of America utilize Norton, and this helps to establish Norton as a top trend setter in terms of network protection.


Antivirus market tendencies are established not only by these market leaders, but the infections that continue to be released all the time. Market leaders, however, help to set trends by responding to new threats quickly and keeping their products dynamic and up to date. As new threats continue to come out, market trends will shift, as the antivirus market tendencies are to be responsive and quick to take care of new issues.

Author Bio:- Sally Thames wrote this article. She’s also running antispyware wiki. You can easily contact her on facebook.

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