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Another Trick to Access All Gmail Accounts From FireFox

There are allot of ways to access all gmail accounts from one browsers, but this trick will allow you to switch between multiple gmail account within your browser. There is no need to login and logout from your existing gmail account. As in my previous post i wrote a simple way to automatically forward all mails from all gmail accounts to one gmail account (Primary gmail). Now if you don’t want to forward all mails from other gmail accounts, then you can use this simple trick to access multiple gmail accounts and read all your unread mails within the same browser.

This is a script specially design for Mozilla Forefox, but it can also work with some version of Opera, Safari and IE. You can see in below screen shot, that how this script will work in your Firefox.

As you can see in the screen shot, that you can easily switch your gmail accounts within your FireFox browser.

How to Install this Script in your FireFox.

1. Ok you will need Greasemoneky Add-ons. which will allow you to install any script in firefox. So first install greasemoney in your firefox and restart your browser. Now you are ready to install the script to access multiple gmail accounts within firefox.

2. Now visit UserScript page to install the script for multiple gmail account, and click on “Install” button located at the top right side.

3. Greasemoneky will automatically detect the script and another window will appear asking from you “You trust the script or not”, Just click on “install” button and greasemonkey will install the script in your Firefox browser. (After successful installation you will see another box saying “Hello World” just click on “OK” button)

4. Now you are ready to access multiple gmail accounts. You can see the above option in your gmail account. (Top Right Side, near setting)

Note:- Before installing any script always ask from others and search on google. Because there are allot of unsafe scripts. So be careful in using any script. First confirm from others that whether the script is trusted or not. However i found this script a trusted script and that is way i am sharing with my readers.

Ok now you can easily switch your gmail accounts without login and logout. You can also read my previous posts about multiple gtalk login and detect invisible users on yahoo. Don’t forget to share your comments.