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Android Tricks that Save Battery

You really do not need to keep the services like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS always on. You should switch on Bluetooth when you are sharing files or using a Bluetooth handset. Same is the case with WI-Fi. Many users love to keep their Wi-Fi always on. But as you know, you will hardly find an open Wi-Fi in market or roads. You can also switch off GPS as it is required when you need to find ways and directions. If you want to disconnect your device from all wireless services, you can do it by long-pressing the start button. A pop-up will appear. You can choose Airplane mode in this pop-up to deactivate all the services at once. But, it will disconnect you from the mobile network too.

Switch off notifications

You can save a little portion of the battery if you switch off notifications and blinking led. Notifications and blinking led drain more battery than you can imagine. But now you will need to check all mails, messages and other notifications manually.

Disable continuous syncing

Email, chat and social media apps continuously access internet for updating status. This consumes considerable portion of your mobile battery.  If you do not need automatic sync, you can switch off this feature. You can still sync all your apps manually and for this action, you do not need to switch on automatic sync. You can switch off automatic sync by going in the Settings of the app > Accounts and sync > General sync settings and unchecking the check box.

Upgrade firmware and apps

It is now confirmed that upgrading to latest firmware mostly improves the battery of a phone. Developers keep on improving it and fixing the bugs that are responsible for over consuming the battery. You should also not avoid updating apps as many users tend to do. It is recommended you download the update in your device as soon as it is notified to you.

Check the Battery Usage Screen

To see this screen, you need to go in Setting > About Phone > Battery use. This screen will display the usages of battery by the phone and apps.  But, you cannot make any changes as this screen just provides a checkup, not the solution.

If you follow these tricks and make changes in your Android powered phone, you will notice that the device is draining less battery than usual.

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