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Android to take stage in Apps World 2012 London

With Apps proving to be big business in the smartphone market, a leading event in the mobile industry will soon be winging its way to London for two days, giving people the chance to really get a feel for the industry and how it has evolved into a viable market for both small business owners and large alike.

On October 2-3rd at Earl’s Court 2, Apps world will be on hand to oversee several workshops which enable visitors to really tackle a wide variety of topics in the Application field.

global app market

With leading speakers from brands including Facebook, Virgin, Google TV and BBC, a great deal of insight should be shared, allowing people to understand the inner workings of apps and how to utilise them more effectively.

Several workshops will focus on the technical side of apps. This includes how to code apps faster and much more efficiently and also strategies on how to tailor your apps for different regions of the world.

What is unique at the event is that for the first time, Android will be presenting their own dedicated workshop. Entitled ‘Droid World’, this aims to look at Android OS from the inside out. From the design processes and architecture of apps to Jelly Bean and beyond.

There will be security tests for the latest Android applications, along with PR tips from guest speakers on how to use advertising and marketing to its full potential.

Even if you are not business orientated and simply have an personal interest in app development, the Appsworld event should prove to hold interest and inspire.

Author Bio: – Rachel Hurldog is a writer for Appliances Online, the UK’s largest online white goods retailer.

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