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Android Mobiles Phones – A Boon!

Google Android phones are now dominating the blackberry and iphone in the smart phones category. They have created a revolution in the world of mobile phones and are one of the greatest technology advancements so far. Designed for smartphones and tablets, they are the best choice for power users. Let’s check out how its proving to be a boon for us.

1. The Open source advantage: Android is an open source operating system which means that it is open to all unlimited number of developers to work on it and is more secure. Android phones are so powerful that they resemble the power of a laptop and efficient to perform multi-tasking.

2. Customization: A wide range of applications are available for the user to choose and customize the Google Android platform. User can download applications from the Android market and customize them to one’s liking. Some of the features that can be customized are opening screen icons, RSS feeds and weather details. Checkout some of the cool android apps available on internet.

3. Simple things your Android needs: 

  • A good anti-virus program shall protect your phone from virus, spyware that can damage the operating system and personal data.
  • To enhance your browser experience, you may add browser apps like Dolphin HD and Opera Mini apart from the Android Internet browser for basic browsing.
  • Installing a Tracking App on your Android shall help you recover a missing device. All your phone contacts, emails and personal data are lost once you have misplaced or your phone gets stolen.
  • Choose a Wi-Fi connection instead of a cellular data connection to keep your Android’s data bill much less.

4. Apps from Android market: When you buy an android phone, you will find basic applications like an email app, internet browser and an alarm clock. To expand its functionality you may add third party apps to the system. Due to the open source advantage, you can download and add as many applications as you want. Most of these application are freeware or ad-supported. Android market is a place where users can browse and download mobile applications for their Android phones. There are free as well as paid Apps available in the market.

5. Applications you’d love to use: Awesome applications like google map, keyboard variety, products barcode scan and biowatch security that are useful and you will like to use.

6. Invention with Android: Android has become so popular that some people are trying to build a robot that which has a body of a tank and the brain of an android.

7. Android vs iphone: An android phone scores more than an iphone on these lines namely integration with Google apps, customization, Google voice and open source operating system. This precisely tells why you need to get one!

8. What’s latest: The latest on android is the Calorie Count app that allows users to speak into their phones to record meals for fast, on-the-go dieting, using more than 250,000 choices of nutritional information from the Calorie Count database and  Samsung Galaxy S II will get the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Author Bio:- Caroline, the author of this article, has passion on writing about latest mobile technology and smart phones. She has also written many articles on clone software like the airbnb clone, etsy clone, grubwithus clone and more.