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Android Jailbreak: The New Way to Control Your Android Device

Android no doubt has revolutionized the field of technology. It has brought a storm in the computing globe. Slowly and steadily all the mobile phones are switching to Android and it is surely the technology of future.  This technology is also spreading to various other devices including tablets also. With its ever increasing scope and range, it’s emerging as among the most established platforms. You can increase the functionality of your phone with android jailbreak.

Android jailbreak is quite similar to iPhone jailbreak. By jailbreaking your android phone you will be able to access the platform as a super user. You can gain complete control of your phone and can modify the OS of the phone as well. There is a program called Switch User or SU which when uploaded to your android device can provide the root access to various applications and programs that are there on your phone. Switch User does it be exploiting the loopholes in the device drivers or the OS codes. It is also important to note that the jailbreaking is not supported or encouraged by the phone manufacturers and neither application or program developers. Needless to say, there are many advantages that are associated with jailbreaking the device.

Since these mobile devices are not bound to run only on the original operating system thus you can customize it as per your requirements. Android jailbreak gives you more control over the phone and you can easily make alterations to themes, files, applications the way you want. A major advantage of jailbreak is that you can easily store all your data and create a back up of your device on a SD card, which you can easily restore later. Also, you can try various other operating systems on your phone. You can also try a new ROM. However, you need to erase the data before you flash the new ROM. There are many tools available to transfer most of these apps to SD even if the developers have enabled this feature in them.

Some of the apps might require jailbreaking too. There are many good tools available for the same. Some of the popular tools in this regards are ROM Manager and set CPU. Before you go for an android jailbreak, you need to ensure that you are following the instructions carefully. If you are not able to execute it then you might damage the firmware of the phone and it may become unusable to any extent and obviously you will not want it at any cost.

Lastly, customized ROMs for Android have evolved over the years. Earlier, only simple tweaks were there that allowed you to do just slight modifications to the phone. However, advanced technology has allowed you to take full control of your phone. Due to this very reason the concept of android jailbreak is becoming a hit among the users of this technology. You will find plenty of information on this subject in various articles, search engines, forums and blogs

Author Bio:- Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar is a contributor of TheDailyBlender.net– a blog which is delicious and trippy at the same time.

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