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Android, iOS Share 92% – Says Smartphone OS Shipment Survey by IDC for Q1, 2013

Today, the intrusion of smartphones into the mobile field has brought in some tremendous changes. Office goers don’t have to carry their laptops to deliver presentations or discussing business details anymore. All it takes is just a Smartphone, let it be either Android or iPhone, to carry out the day-to-day activities conveniently. The advanced features embedded in the Smartphones have propelled most businesses and individuals to opt for these nifty devices. To add more glory, the applications devised for these devices have captivated most mobile users as their entire business or individual activities can be monitored even on the go. With said that, no one can deny the fact that Smartphone shipments will be on the high. Here, in this article I just want to shine a light on different kinds of Smartphone providers available, their OS and who won the race in the quarterly shipments of 2013.

IDC iOS Share

Every year, IDC (International Data Corporation) known for the brilliant market research on latest technology innovations and evolutions, presents a statistical report in front the public. The data are highly researched and provided with strong supportive points. This IDC, revealed the statistical report of Quarter 1 for the year 2013 over the Smartphone OS shipments. The research and analysis were on “Which Smartphone OS ended up with maximum shipments and share for 2013?” And, here, I’ve presented the interesting details about the report.

Before we get into the act, I’d like to provide you with list of Smartphone competitors that were considered for this survey. Here goes the list of companies.

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry OS
  • Linux
  • Symbian
  • Others

The results of the survey didn’t come up with any surprises and as expected, Android and IOS swept away the shipment of Smartphones by 92%. Others were just able to pick up a marginal improvements compared to last quarterly results.

IDC’s notes on Android OS:

According the results, Android has got the maximum shipment volume and market share. It is apparent from the above study that value of Android OS is improving fast day-by-day and it may elevate high in the near future as well. Compared to last year, Android has topped the chart with 80% improvement which is incredible achievement. Even its market share has improved to a 75% effortlessly. So, the reputation of Android devices and their OS is on the high and it’s going to stay here for at least sometime.

IDC’s notes on iOS OS:

As per the statistics of IDC, iOS has shown a great deal of improvement compared to last quarter results. But, it was no match for Android OS. The improvement of iOS is found to be 7% compared to last year which is quite significant but it’s not showing the huge improvement expected last year. A conclusion that can be derived from the above stats is that iOS have got the demand worldwide but not drastically as Android OS does.

Good news for Smartphone users:

It is apparent that the two top most popularly performing OS, Android and iOS have swept away the shipments for the quarterly year 2013. But, the good news for the Smartphone-savvy people is that the overall rise of Smartphone OS shipments has improved to 59% which is remarkable. So, the craze for Smartphones and their operating systems, apps is never going to cease and will keep on increasing. Also, the entire statistics may improve in the upcoming quarters as the demand for these devices is increasing astonishingly.

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