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Android Go: What you need to know

Android Go

Have you ever felt like your apps are slowly taking up more and more of your phone’s storage leaving you with less and less functionality? Well, there is a new solution for that, and it has a name: Android Go, a.k.a. Android Oreo (Go Edition). Google has come out with a slimmer OS that is intended to run on more low-end hardware while using only limited space. The reason behind this change was so that Google could make itself more attractive to emerging markets with a much more affordable offering.

What’s all the buzz about? Depending on what you use your smartphone for, Android Go might be either really exciting for you or not worth the hype. If you are someone that fully utilizes all your apps functions, then this might not be the OS for you. However, if you are in the market for an affordable phone with limited storage that won’t clog up and slow down, we have a winner for you.


The apps are there, but they aren’t quite as robust as other versions. The good news is that they won’t be that different from some of the apps you are already used to. In fact, Android Go comes with its own suite of apps that most Droid users are well accustomed to. The platform comes with nine pre-installed applications, including Gmail Go, Youtube Go, Google Maps Go, Chrome, Files Go, Gboard Go, Google Assistant Go, and Google Go. That’s a lot of Go’s, but they are meant to mark the distinction between the traditional apps and the newer, lighter apps.


If you think Android Go was meant to run on the new and expensive smartphone to hit the market, then you have the wrong idea. This version is intended for smartphones with insufficient storage (think 1GB or less). As a result, there will likely be a barrage of more affordable phones to hit the market, particularly in emerging markets.

App Development

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Android Go release is the fact that it will likely create millions -if not billions- of new users around the globe. As we mentioned before, a big reason for the creation of Android Go is to get more smartphones in the hands of more people. This means that there is a whole new world of opportunities for android app development. Specifically, app developers need to think about creating universal apps that can reach non-English speaking markets that cross cultural barrier. If you can figure that one out, you might be poised to make quite a bit of money.

This new offering by Google is sure to be a groundbreaking initiative that will likely have remarkable effects on the world’s economy. The more access we give to more people, the higher the possibility that we can start seeing some exciting innovation from parts of the world we might not have heard from otherwise. This could be Google’s next big break!

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