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Android Development and Its Future

It is an interesting fact that android now leads the smartphone market in the USA. However it is an incomplete picture because complete picture further includes smartphone markets in the UK, Australia, China and India. In the UK Android holds 50% share of the total smartphone market. China, as the high-potential smartphone market, had more than 60 million smartphones running on Android OS. Android had also captured 42.9 % share of the Australian smartphone market by the end of the second quarter in 2011. Even in India people has started to prefer Android-powered smartphones for quite some time.

Android dominance is now not limited to a particular market. This is also a positive phase for Android application developers because they are equally responsible to popularize this OS by developing incredible apps and software solutions. This hints a bright future ahead for developers/ programmers engaged in Android apps development.

Developers are key players in the game because they are catering to over 250 million android users all over the world. They build applications and offer app development services. If you have idea, developers have solutions. About 700,000 Android powered handsets are activated daily and most of the users of these smartphones download one or more apps developed by android programmers.

Development of Android application is easier than the development of RIM BlackBerry or Nokia Symbian. Android is also a robust OS supporting to the operations for which user usually use PC or laptop. Low cost registration fees also encourage developers to prefer Android platform for an app development project. Developers just need to pay 25$ and then they can upload their app on the Google Play’s Android App store.

Android developers are also working on the apps which have already been successful on iPhone. Many times developers simultaneously launch apps for both Android and iPhones platforms.

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  • Sunny

    September 13, 2012, 8:03 am

    Very nice article ! There’s been lots of talk about low income figures generated on Google app store as compare to Apple. Do you think an average developer can survive developing apps (specially games) on the google app store ?


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