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Android Apps to Revitalize your Financial Life

While there are thousands of useful apps available on the Android market, a.k.a. Google Play which means you have dozens of choices when it comes to choosing the best apps for yourself, most often people end up downloading unnecessary apps just to pass their time and have some fun when there is nothing better to do. However this doesn’t mean that you should ignore some of the other apps that might be helpful for you in the long run, such as apps that can spur up your finances.

While I was browsing the Finance category on Google Play, some of the apps really caught my attention and I decided to give some of them a try, just to see how they work and whether they can help me sort my finances, which were in a bit of a disarray to be honest. Though initially, I couldn’t decide which apps would be the best in the finance segment, I gave each one of them a trial run to come to a conclusion about them. So here are a few Android apps that really impressed me and could help you improve your financial life as well:

1. Andro Money:

My all time favorite application that I’ve been regularly using everyday, ever since I have downloaded and installed it on my smartphone. Although the user interface is pretty simple, the app helps me keep track of my income and expenses pretty easily, which makes it a great choice as a budgeting app. There are also many kinds of charts to go into some advanced tracking about your finances, such as a pie chart, bar graph and a trend chart that give you an idea where you might be spending more.

Not only that, there are many other features in it as well, including custom categories, password protection so that no one can access your finances, multiple accounts, custom currency and custom budgets. The best part is of course that the app is completely free to use and can be easily downloaded from Google Play.

2. Moneycontrol Markets on Mobile

The Markets on Mobile app from Moneycontrol is also one of the other very useful apps, especially for those who’ve invested into the stock markets or mutual funds. Though the name suggests that it is a regional app, Markets on Mobile is a great app for real-time information related to markets globally as well. The app has the potential to be an invaluable tool for every investor, trader or working professional to stay abreast with the latest happenings in the world of business, economy and the financial markets.

The app can be used to keep track of all global stock markets, including real time changes in the indices. Not only that, you can also get real time stock quotes, watch videos related to stocks, manage your investment portfolio and also get in-depth analysis and coverage of a wide range of financial markets. Contrary to what you might be thinking, this is a free app and is available for download on your Android mobile.

3. Financial Calculators

One of the most simple to use apps, Financial calculators is an all-in-one finance app for Android smartphones that can help you calculate complex calculations based on a wide range of financial instruments. Financial calculators is an extremely useful apps especially for those who have to deal with financial calculations related to currency, loans, mortgage etc.

Though there are a number of paid finance calculators on Google play too, none of them work as well as this app does and all that for free! You can literally use it to calculate anything related to the your financial life since it comes with TVM calculator, currency convertor, loan calculator, Compound Interest Calculator, retirement 401k calculator, credit card pay off calculator, tip calculator, return on investment calculator and a whole other types of calculators as well. So whenever you need to calculate something but can’t figure out how to do so, you just need to open this app on your smartphone and use its incredible features!

Author Bio:- Harshit Singhal loves writing on finance related topics and also maintains a blog related to finance called SmartMoneyJunction.com. You can also publish a guest post on his site by using the write for us finance page.

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  • Shruti

    October 25, 2012, 8:58 pm

    I have fallen in love with Andro Money over the last few months. It is just awesome and also gives a good shape to my finances. Thanks Bilal for suggesting other choices too.


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