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Android Apps for Easier Life

Have you ever thought why smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more popular? What causes their growth of sales? Great design?Companies’ names? Or right marketing strategies? My answer is practicableness.

Let me explain what I mean. It is beyond any doubt that any software product makes the work easier and faster. But with the development of mobile technologies all these advantages of software have become available on the go in you mobile gadgets. Of course, there are no programs in smartphones, but there are apps that can perform the same functions. And this very possibility to have everything you need in your smartphone that you can carry in a pocket I call practicableness.

To tell the truth, I’m an Android user. And won’t enumerate all the pros of this mobile systems and all the reason why I have chosen it because the topic of the article is different. Today I want to share with you the list of applications I can’t imagine my phone without. Believe me or not, but they will make your life much easier.

Quick Switch

It is one of the best widget for setupping your system, quickly and easily. If you have this app, you will be able to change all the settings (Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Data Connection, Silent Mode, lock patterns auto-sync functions, etc.) by only 1 click.  Quick Switch is a great all-in-one pack.

App Locker

Do you want to use this or that app only by yourself? Do you need to install some limits to the access to the specific applications? If yes, App Locker will give you such possibilities. There are 2 modes to unlock to choose from: password unlocking and unlock pattern. Choose the safest one!

Photo Manager

I believe you have guessed what exactly the app does. It helps to manage all your photos and pictures in your phone.  Sorting out according to date, directories, zooming, rotating, password protection for personal photos… And it is far not full list of functions available.

Google Apps

Android is a child of Google. And Google has developed lots of good apps for this very mobile operation system. Maps, navigation, voice assistant, translation, sky map and other services are available for Android users for free via the apps.

Advanced Task Manager

It is an excellent application that will allow optimizing your phone’s speed work and battery life by managing the running apps, the specs of memory usage (phone or SD). Of course, it is a very short description but I believe it is better to find out all the functions in real use.


Sharing files audio, video, docs,etc) has become an essential part of the Internet use.  Dropbox is a cloud storage that can be used by everyone for free. It allows the synchronization between different devices, like phones, pcs, and tablets. And you will be able to have an access to the files anywhere in the world where you can find an internet connection.


QWERTY texting isn’t so old and to some extent it is a very convenient system, but the technologies have made a step further and now you have a possibility to make note and sms even faster using Google Talk technology. The apps allow you to receive and answer your sms on computer even if you left your phone at home.


Just imagine that you lost or misplaced your phone. Do you want to find it fast? This application will trace the smartphone via a web-based platform. Besides, you will be able to get reports to the email.

Pro version of the app (a paid one) also allows you to track your phone in real time and to get a full SSL encryption.

Of course, it is impossible to enumerate all the possible apps to use. The full list will depend only on your desires and needs. But these mobile applications will amaze you and you won’t be able to imagine your mobile life without them.

Author Bio:- Katerina Merzlova, a copywriter from Intellectsoft Company( http://www.intellectsoft.co.uk/ ). I like to read, write and even listen about technology, especially mobile one. If you want to read more about the team I work with, go here.

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