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Android Application Development – What about Using C# in place of Java?

Most programmers and developers are now aware of the clash between Oracle and Google. Oracle has sued Google for using Java and some APIs in the making of Android.  It says Google used Java without its permission. However, Google would ever be forced to stop using Java in Android development even if jury gives decision in the favor of Oracle. But, many developers are nowadays bothering with the “What If” factor.

What is this “What If” factor?

It is- What if Google gives Oracle a thumb-down and says no more Java in Android now? Oracle feels hurt because Java has gone in a totally different direction. What if Google stops using Java in further Android development and advocates for alternatives? If no more Java, What is the solution? What if Google looks at .Net as a substitute of Java?

Many people (I mean developers and programmers) are now aware of .Net’s implementation recognized as Mono that was initially created and popularized by Ximian as the Implementation of ECMA-335. Now Ximian has been dissolved and people behind it have founded Xamarin that continued to sponsor Mono, a software platform allowing developers to effortlessly build cross-platform applications. Now Mono is Xamarin’s project that has already released builds of both Android and iOS.

What is Mono?

It is an open source implementation of Microsoft’s .Net Framework based on the ECMA standards for C# and Common Language Runtime. It is rapidly growing group of lots of solutions and supported by a large pool of developers community which see it as a better replacement of Java for the development of Linux applications.

Can Mono replace Java?

Yes, it is possible.  It is no doubt that Java is great language. It has provided great support to Google in the development of Android. But it is not too good for Google to completely depend on Java. Everybody keeps an option and so Google should. There is an opinion (an option to replace Java in Android) introduced by Xamarin to port Android to C#. Developers may be doubtful whether it is possible to port Android to C#? Let’s see what Xamarin has done to make it possible-

They originally ported Android 2.X, specified tools and then updated their build to the 4.0 trees. This allowed them to stay updated with latest release of Android source code (based on Java).

Mono has already found its way to become a fully functional and powerful alternative. It has WORA (write once, run anywhere) feature too.  There are some pretty good Mono based applications that are whooping Java’s strengths too. Anti-Mono developers have found that C# is fairly simpler language as it is using almost similar syntaxes as used in Java and gives scopes to developers to seriously think about it  Mono.

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