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An Android App that Must be on your Wife’s Phone – Ask Me

Is your wife or girlfriend,( or both 😉 ) spending a lot of money on buying products and services?

It is nearly impossible to convince a woman to stop shopping, but a smart boyfriend or a smart husband must know a trick to save his wallet from getting attacked frequently.

With this post, I am introducing you an app named Ask Me, that helps your lady enjoy shopping. Now you may be wondering that if she enjoys it, she might end up shopping more. Get to know this trick, and enjoy this win-win scenario for the rest of your life.

Is there Really an App that can Help me Stop My Wife from Shopping?

No, there is no such app. I wonder if God himself can create such an app or not. Some Guys enjoy Beer, Cricket, Football. Have you ever thought about leaving these things even for a moment. Shopping is a thing which makes girls go crazy. So stopping them from doing it, can be a waste of time and energy.

Ask Me- An App that helps Both You and Your Wife

Ask me is one such app, that can help both, you and your wife. You may not believe me now, so I request you to read more:-

Pricing of Products at Ask Me

Pricing of products at Ask Me is lower in comparison to any shopping portal you might find online. Ask Me charges absolutely No Commission from buyers and sellers. This app connects the buyers directly with the supplier. This removes all the additional cost which add up on involvement of multiple parties.

Find the Product or Service You Need

Ask Me can help you buy a wide variety of products and services. Have a look at the things which you could get using this app.

  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Watch
  • Gadgets and Tech Toys
  • Bags
  • Footwear
  • Camera
  • Watches
  • And a lot more things.

Ask Me add new deals and offers on a regular basis. So I would recommend you to get this app soon, or you might miss some hot deals. 

Shop at Ask Me Bazaar

Shopping with Ask Me is very easy. They have a very easy to use interface . You can alternatively use their official shopping portal

Ask Me Bazaar

Just in case you don’t own an Android device.

Customer Support

Ask Me provides an amazing support, for all its users. You can contact Ask Me team anytime via their Number: 0444-444-4444. Or You can contact them via their Email Id: feedback@askme.com. I suggest you to stay online after sending a mail, because their is a high chance of getting a reply within a few minutes.

Install Ask Me App Now

Installing Ask me on you device is a very easy process. Just visit your App store and Search for Ask Me, and you would get this app in search results, or alternatively you could use the download links given below:-

google play

Or use this QR Code for Ask me


App Interface:-


Ask Me Android App


Ask Me, is a unique app that can help you with this tricky task of reducing the shopping expenses made by your wife. You may not be able to stop her from shopping, but you can help her shop smartly and become a wonderful husband. Get this app on your wife’s phone now and start saving your money. As a famous phrase goes, Money saved is Money Earned.

This article is written by Kunal Ganglani. He writes about cool tech tips and tricks at KGTricks Tech Blog.

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