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Android With 64-Bit By Trail Powered Processor Launching Soon

Smartphones are becoming even more smarter and now in the near future we will have smartphones with computing processors in Android based phones. Intel is going to introduce a 64 Bit Atom processor named “By Trail” this spring which is one of the 1st processor from Intel for smartphones with compute capability. Although previously we had seen a 64 bit processor for windows phones and even in iPhone 5s but it has not improved the overall performance of the phones.

Atom By Trail for Android

With the launch of Android based 64 bit “by trail” processors we will be experiencing improved speed, security and processing in the next generation smartphones. The processor is based on Atom system-on-chips (SoCs) technology which is one of the commonly used processors in modern computer systems.

Intel claims that Android smartphones equipped with By Trail technology will be able to provide faster photo editing, photo sharing, slideshow creation and blazing podcast publishing. Overall the speed will increase upto 40% for the light media editing applications such as Photoshop. A 64 bit device means more RAM support which ultimately will have positive effect on the device speed.

No doubt this will affect the Apple market share because they will no longer be the first company with 64 bit technology, as Android has now equipped with it. Android with a 64 bit processor means Samsung, QMobile and other companies will now be introducing faster smartphones at affordable rates.

Although initially the Android 64 bit will be added to the Tablet devices but later smartphones with 64 bit device compatible may also use it. According to the Intel expected price of a 64 Bit tablet will be $150 in the market.

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