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Android 4.3- the last Jelly Bean’s promise

How would you feel if your smart phone had 3-D-like gaming qualities, smarter text prediction, an even faster core processor, and a personal assistant that verbally reminds you of your best friend’s birthday next week? Sounds unbelievably amazing, doesn’t it? This is exactly what Google’s latest OS update promises you!

Android’s 4.3 version is a new milestone for its Jelly Bean series, which is a follow-up to Google’s extremely popular candy-themed OS codes, arranged in an alphabetical order. The previous names include Cupcake (1.5), Donut (1.6), Éclair (2.0–2.1), Froyo (2.2–2.2.3), Gingerbread (2.3–2.3.7), Honeycomb (3.0–3.2.6) and Ice Cream Sandwich.

After almost an year of inactiveness, Android Jelly Bean was in news last month when cell phone-manufacturing giant Samsung had kept its update in its Galaxy S-4 model on a stand-still to investigate complaints made by smart-phone enthusiasts, especially owners of Samsung Galaxy S-3, about it causing a lot of issues, the most prominent ones being Wi-Fi issues and battery drainage.

Samsung was little reluctant to add back Android to the cart Samsung S4 users cart due to host of convoluted complications. This however seems to have sorted as US carriers AT&T and T-Mobile confirmed they had resumed their respective 4.3 roll-outs last week, with S4 owners in Europe reportedly seeing the update come through there also.

Recent reports say that the Korea-based company has resumed its Android 4.3 roll-out to Galaxy S-3, S-4 and Note 2 devices in the U.S as well the U.K.

But before android fans run out to get their phones updated to the latest Jelly Bean, here are a few changes one should expect after installing 4.3:

  • Phone compatibility with Android’s smart-watch Galaxy Gear
  • You can avail Samsung Knox security features
  • Facility to restrict your profile to limited apps and content for different users
  • The latest version of Bluetooth, called Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth Smart or Low Energy Bluetooth
  • OpenGL3.0 option for developers which indicates better game graphics and even 3D gaming.
  •  Upgraded profiling tools
  • Easier notification access
  • Enhanced autocomplete proficiency in dial pads as text messages
  • Ability to use Wi-Fi to detect location, without turning on the Wi-Fi
  • Additional support for five more languages: Africaan, Amharic, Hindi,Swahili and Zulu
  • Faster user switching from the lock screen
  • Refinement in Photo Sphere,  smoothness in navigating through albums
  • Other security and performance enhancements
  • Minor bug fixes previously faced

Inspite of all its promising features, however, the life span of Android Jelly Bean 4.3 is questionable, with the news of its successor, KitKat 4.4, already creating ripples in the gizmo market. Let’s just hope the last Jelly Bean fulfills its vows before becoming history for the new Samsung S4 users!

Born in Bristol UK, Christy Root is a professional writer currently based in London. Christy began writing for small business in the few years back. It wasn’t long before the two worlds merged and writing about Gadget & technology. She is writing articles behalf of PrePayMania. You can follow her at Google+.

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  • Maria Lynette

    January 8, 2014, 1:54 pm

    Google has announced the roll out of the next iteration of its Android operating system, dubbed as version 4.3, with the launch of its new Nexus 7 tablet. The latest techniques and features in this version are very advanced.Hope many of us are excited to work on it.


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